Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Little Christmas Sewing

I’m busily working on Christmas projects already. I am going to make six stocking for our fireplace. My plan is to use Urban Threads embroidery to decorate the fabric first and then cut them and sew them up. I am using the Yuletide Revelry pattern pack (includes a bunch of embroidery like the one below). I just had to share with you guys. I love, love, love the little details on these embroidery designs. I love most of their stuff over at Urban Threads. I’m using their recommended colors because I’m pretty bad at being creative and knowing what colors go together. This wreath is my favorite one so far. Well, and I love the text too.


Close-up so you can see the scribbles and text behind the wreath.


Aren’t the snowflakes fun???!


Well, that’s my update. This should keep me busy for a while. I might have to make some matching pillows too or something. I really do like them and it’s not too cheese-ball Christmas. You know I’m excited when I put up a whole post about some embroidery patterns!


  1. These are very cool! I love them. Yes, you are going to be very busy, but very happy. Your first official Christmas with your new pack!

  2. I love Urban Threads (you already know that). I don't currently have an embroidery machine though! I KNOW. I wasn't using it and I really didn't care for the one I had and thought when I wanted to get back into it, I'd just save up for the one I "really" want . Of course now I really want one. Ha.

  3. I'm seriously new to this. Do you have an embroidery sewing machine to use these. These are fab designs!

  4. Yes, you have to have a special machine to do stuff like this. Are you in AK too?? I assume from your screen name that you are. I'm in Anchorage.

  5. I live mi vida loca. I actually live in NJ but commute monthly to Bethel to work. Crazy, I know! So happy to see someone in Anchorage. I don't know that area very well. I am actually more familiar with Fairbanks (don't ask).


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