Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to make the CAbi Ballet Arm Warmers

I made mine using, surprise!, my Jalie 2805 pattern. It’s really easy although I did have to refer to the CAbi website a couple of times to see how they finished the shrug and see where they had seams.


First, I traced out the t-shirt pattern in a smaller size than I would normally wear. I usually wear the size S so for this I made the size R. I wanted these to be snug so they fit easily under shirts and tops. I only did the tops of the back and front piece knowing I would cut them off later.


Next, I lined them up and sort of matched up the seam lines. The only thing I really cared about is that the shoulder pieces matched up with the sleeve. Obviously things are not going to line up exactly.


I taped this down to another piece of tracing paper and free-hand drew where I thought the shrug went. I made sure to do the CB line at a perpendicular to the CB seam so it would be straight across the back. I followed the back neck seam and made sure to include all of the sleeves. You have to make sure you make notches on the sleeves where they end otherwise you won’t know when to stop sewing as you come up the arm.



Cut two of these. Sew the CB seam and then sew up the arms to your notches. Stop at your notches.


I used self-fabric binding but you could do it in contrast too. I folded my binding WST, quartered it, and sewed it to the shrug. I made it a few inches shorter so it would snug up the shrug. Be careful at the corners of the armpits. They can be tricky to sew.


This is the wrong side of the shrug binding.


This is from the outside.



Here’s the finished pattern piece.



Same thing but with some notations.


I think I’m making curtains for my sewing room next. Yawn, I know.


  1. I like this so much! (Well, I like pretty much everything you sew!) I´m wondering about the thumbholes, how did you make them and all, maybe like a normal buttonhole? thank you!

  2. Nice, Dawn. I really like these. Especially since I live in either tank tops or spaghetti strap camisole tops. Ready sleeves for when the house is a bit cool, but not exactly an extra layer. Thanks for laying out how to draft this -- I'm going to try making one of these this weekend.

  3. Woo-Hoo! Good project!

  4. Thanks, Dawn! You are a pro!

  5. Thanks for the tutorial. Why didn't I think of using a smaller size pattern to make my "sleeves"? Duh!

  6. I made these for my 2 daughters ages 9 and 5 for their dance classes. They LOVE them!! Thanks for the great tutorial!!!

  7. Hi I have been looking for these do you sell them? I'd like to buy!

  8. Hello Dawn! I just love this pattern. Do you know what kind of material you used on the tan/brown shrug? I just love it. It almosted looks like a burnout T-shirt material. Thanks for the tutoral! :)


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