Friday, August 15, 2014

Jalie 3355 Sweatshirt + Merino Wool

I told you guys I’ve ben sewing! Apparently, I only sew kid stuff and Jalie patterns though. Work is about to start back up though, so I’ve really been thinking about work clothes again.

Anyway, here’s a merino wool sweatshirt made out of Jalie 3355. It’s cozy warm and she loves it. This is the size 8 and it seems to be about perfect. The sleeves are a tiny bit long, but that gives her room to grow.


She’s wearing these Nike Dri-Fit pants on the bottom, so she’s really warm head to toe.


I used a Cheer iron-on sparkly embellishment. She loves it. The only thing I can help you with on the Jalie pattern is the cuffs. If you are using a non-ribbing for the cuffs, make sure you cut them a little wider. These are about 1 cm wider because they don’t stretch as much as ribbing.



Here’s the inside. I always reinforce the underarm seams with both a serger stitch and a straight stitch, just to be sure.

I made view B. I need to make a couple for myself out of this fabric too.


This is the fabric. It’s Merino Wool Polartec and I just put some on Etsy for you people!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Jalie 3241 - Another Leotard for the Cousin

The girls have a cousin that’s in gymnastics. I’ve been making her leotards for a while now and she’s being growing out of them. This is the latest one. This is not her. This is my daughter (sorry if that wasn't clear before!). She is build much more like a gymnast in that she is muscular. The twins are more long and lanky. If I was making this for the twins, I would make it a size smaller and add a couple inches to the torso. It looks fine from the front, but the back pictures will show you why this is needed.

This one loves to model, can you tell?

This one doesn’t look so bad for the torso length, but that is because she is arching back a little. You can see that the bottom portion is already riding up a bit.

This x-back is my favorite part of this suit. Here you can see that it needs to be smaller around, but longer in length. The cousin loves these crazy patterns and helped pick out the fabric. A girl after my own heart!

Here’s the pattern again. I need to make the other version too, but I like the longer bottoms that look like shorts. I cold easily add some length to them the middle pattern. I think it would look cute with the vertical stripe going down the leg.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Yummy Merino Wool! Again!

I found more of this fabric. Many of you guys wanted the brown color and I got some more!!!! I have the same two colors as last time so I’m using the same post and pictures. You’ll probably remember it from earlier this year in January. This stuff sold out in less than 24 hours. You fabric-hoarders, you.


This is from the January post:

I put that fabric on Etsy. I have that Merino Wool (from the Jalie tunic) in two colors. I love the dark brown and the soft green colors.

This is Wool Plaited Polartec Powderdry. It’s a two-faced fabric (do I need to make the joke again?). One face is 100% merino wool and the back face is 100% hi-wick antimicrobial polyester. This fabric is designed to be used in athletic, sports, and outdoor wear. It is 60" wide. There is no visible shrinkage when washed in warm water and dried in a warm dryer. There is 40% stretch across the grain and 30% stretch lengthwise.

I am selling it on Etsy in 2-yard increments. If you want more or less, I can do that too. :) Isn’t it lush?

Heathered Brown


Heathered Soft Green on Etsy

Monday, August 11, 2014

Jalie 3350 - Another Swimsuit

Remember this swimsuit from earlier in the summer? It’s the Jalie 3350 pattern with two variations of swimsuits.  (I feel like I’ve sewn from ALL Jalie this whole summer – they are NOT A SPONSOR).


Well, here’s the other variation. Twin #2 loves her version just as much as Twin #1 loved her version. I love that it’s pretty and sort of grown up without being too showy. I like that the legs are low and don’t show too much. They are skinny minnie’s so they are wearing a size 8 with 2” added for their loooooong torsos. Often, I can find swimsuits that fit in the length, but are too baggy around the body. Or, they fit around the body, but are too short in the torso and end up being really uncomfortable and the girls are constantly pulling them down. How cute is that cross front?


I made the straps close together on the back so that they were less likely to slip off her shoulders. I reinforced the CB and crotch with serger and zig-zag thread just so there are no oopsies.


I feel like this is closer to the real color. I love the lobsters on the suit. She loves it too.


The inside is fully lined just like the other one.


The crosses cover the topstitching that keep the seams down. Next time, I will attach the crosses to the body a little below where they are now. Sometimes, you can see a peek of the topstitching under the crosses. I think moving them down about a 1/2” will fix that.


See? I told you I’ve been sewing! Just not blogging!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Summer Round Up

We did our annual summer commercial fishing/camping trip this summer. How pretty is this place? I’m so bone-weary over all the fun we’ve had this summer, I haven’t really been up to blogging so much. I have several things to show you guys. I have been sewing things here and there, just not posting. Be prepared to see several posts in the next few days!

People are always asking me where the fishing is located. This is a close-up of Cook Inlet. We live in Anchorage (on the right). The fishing site is just above Tyonek to the North in the Beluga coal region. We there by boating or flying.

It’s a kid haven with streams, creeks, sand, mud, and fun. I swear the kids don’t wear shoes for the whole two weeks. There’s no water and no electricity (there is if you start the generator), so it’s pretty rustic. Bonfires, picnics, kites, kid heaven, I tell you.

The Jalie jackets and rain pants (I used Jalie 3243 to make rain pants for the kids) came in handy while we were out there. It never rained during the day, but it was often windy and chilly. The kids wore them pretty much constantly.

There is a creek right next to the cabin, so the kids spent days re-routing the creek and building marinas, docks, and tributaries.

They built their own cottonwood bark boats and some of them included dinghies with princesses (the girls) and pirates (the boy).

There was a lot of Gut Diving and dissections going on when we were processing fish. It was a great year for fish and we caught a ton. We found lots of parasites in the guts too. Nothing like wriggly worms spilling out of a salmon’s stomach to amp the nastiness up to a high level.

I bought my son a Kindle for Christmas. There is the best gift I’ve ever given him. He has read so many books on that thing. Like hundreds. We rent them from the public library. This post is totally random, I realize that. I feel like my brain is fried from too much go-go-go!fish_9

This area has a ton of coal and agates. We bring the coal back to the campsite. fish_10

We spend hours searching for agates on the beach. Agate Hunting! We bring the agates back in to town and polish them. We have jars of them around the house.

Books, headlamps, mosquito nets? Yup, just another night at camp.

If you want to read more about all this, read this post from 2013 or this one from 2012. I didn’t do a very good job of explaining what’s going on here. For those of you who read my blog regularly, you already know. For anyone that’s new, check out the old posts for more details.

Whew . . . . so . . . . tired . . .

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Jalie 3355 - Hoodies!



You guys know we go fishing (maybe) and you know I usually make raingear for the kidlets (perhaps). This year, I decided to make rain hoodies. I’m tired of said kidlets not bothering to zip up said raingear and getting all wet anyway. So this year, kidlets get windproof, waterproof hoodies! I made this a few sizes two large so that a fleece jacket can go underneath. It’s not usually too cold out there, but it is wet and windy often. I usually make a size R (smallest adult size), and this hoodie is a size T. I made a prototype for me first to see if I wanted to crank out several for kidlets. I love mine so I hope they love theirs. I had to make these photos quite a bit brighter so you can see the Polartec PowerStretch fabric. It’s very thin with almost a sweatshirt-like drape.



I’m really excited about making this pattern in my size with some of my merino wool knit. Yum!


Here are a couple of the ones I made. Most have this black ribbing. The one with the heart has a black knit for binding. It doesn’t stretch as well as the ribbing so the bottom is more bunched up that the other one.


I love the pockets and I can only imagine how many (illegal) eagle feathers, pretty amber agates, and colorful rocks will be shoved in them.



Another Jalie winner (of course). This will be a great pattern for when the kids go back to school. My son is always cold and he will love some made out of polartec and the merino wool. And it’s a great canvas for stencil art and embroidery!

Posts on fishing: Last year and the year before that.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Jalie 3352–Dolman Top

Remember how I said you’d be seeing this fabric again?

I won’t even gush about this pattern.

Just wanted to show you I hadn’t died.





I won’t even say how much a love it and how much I wear all my dolman tops. Nope. Not a word.