Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Jalie 3881 - Rose - Sleeveless Button-Up Top

Okay, you guys know I'm all Jalie Fangirl, but I love this pattern, It's hot right now and I'm dying. Remember that I'm an Alaskan girl, so when I'm dying of heat, it's like 65 degrees. Anyway, DYING of heat lately. This is a loose, button-down (button-up??) woven top. It's a very simple design but with small details I love and a perfect Jalie fit. I made my standard size S. I love the regular, non-ruffle version for myself and the ruffle and bow version for my girls. I think it would be a great work shirt too to wear under a cardigan or sweater with the shirt tails peeking out.

I made my version out of a mystery poly (rayon?) woven. There is a ReMade store close to me which is basically a really cool Goodwill. It is local people donating local goods, and then local artists re-make them into awesome things. You can find lots of "need a little love" items to fully created art pieces. I love to go in there and look around. I've found a lot of great fabric there. This fabric seems to have birds (I like to think of them as bats) on a blue, green, and pink background. The drape is perfect for this pattern. 

I added my standard 1" above the bust (without disrupting the armholes) and the fit is perfect. I love the pleat in the back, the shirt tail hem, and the ever-so-slight hi-low hem. On this pattern, there are no darts for shaping. The only shaping comes from the side seams. 

I used small, pink 11mm buttons. Although, on these pictures, they look white. I never put a button on the collar stand because I never button my shirts up that high. See? Bats, totally bats. 

And, of course, when my kids are helping me take pictures, they pose me in all sorts of ridiculous ways. 

B: Mom! Take the cat! The cat wants to be famous. 

C: Mom, why are your arms all veiny and weird and stuff?
Me: It's SO HOT. 
C: What?? It's not hot. You're weird. 

B: Mom, why is your mouth open in every photo you take? 
Me: Touche, B, touche. 

(I'm wearing this top with my new Jalie linen shorts. I really love them and they go with everything!)

Here is the kid version I made for my little twinny. It's SO CUTE in this floral cotton voile. Although, it does mean I'll have to iron it, but maybe that's okay for a shirt this cute. 

Don't you love the fabric? And the ruffle bow tie? Although, I had the hardest time making a good bow. I finally had to watch a YouTube video on how to do it. 

Cute, eh??

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Swimsuit: Julia Bottoms and Jalie 2446 Top

I recently made a Gigi swimsuit which I have, unfortunately, misplaced. How does one misplace a swimsuit, you ask? I have no earthly idea. I traveled to California recently to help out a friend and went to the World's Coldest Pool, so I know I had it there. Since I've been home, I cannot find it. I cannot verify that it ever made it home OR that it ever made it out of the dressing room of the room.  This is a long explanation for why I am making another swimsuit. Sigh. This time I wanted to use the new Jalie Julia pattern to make the bottoms because they are so cute and also so comfortable. I used Jalie 2446 for the top. I have used this pattern many times before but I've never made this view. I usually make the top from View A. This time, I used View B because I wanted to use some contrast FOE to match the bottoms.

For this suit, I used a swimwear Lycra/Nylon fabric and a nude swimsuit lining. The only modification I did was to not quite follow the Jalie directions using fabric binding and instead used FOE for the black border and the straps that ties in the back. 

Because FOE is a little wimpy, in my opinion, I sandwiched clear elastic in the straps while I was sewing them. This makes the FOE perfect for stand-alone straps. I will probably do this when I make my next Julia camisole too. It just gives it a little more structure. 

I really love it!!! Let's see, other details . . . I made a smaller size for the top because I knew I would not be using the seam allowances so if I made my regular size, it would be too large because of those unused seam allowances. I could have just cut off the seam allowances, but meh, this works too. 

I bought the fabric in Yardage Town last summer. I really love the colors and the print. And look! No rain!!!

Monday, June 4, 2018

New Jalie Lisette Skirt

I was able to test some of these patterns before they were released. One of my favorites was the Lisette skirt. It's comfortable, easy to sew, and classy once you are done. I made the version with the shaping seams along the side. I used a floral neoprene for the flashy panel on the front. And yes, I'm  wearing a super classy, shredded leopard t-shirt with it.

I really love that there are so many options with this pattern too. Not only can you change the length, but you can change the design lines too. It's a great way to highlight a small piece of knit fabric for the front. 

Thursday, May 31, 2018

14 New Jalies!

You guys probably already saw, but Jalie just released 14 new patterns. I thought I would highlight my favorites for you (because I'm not a Jalie fangirl or anything . . .).

I always love their swimsuits for my girls. They are like me and are thin with long torsos so off-the-rack swimsuit don't fit them well. This pattern has the cutest wrap-around tie.

I also love this Mimosa pattern. It's a great basic with a ton of different options. I have one with the short-sleeved ties (I helped to test these patterns). 

I love this Adele top too. I want to make this in skirt length. And my girls with want 35 of these. 

I freaking love this pattern. I have made many of these already and the top and bottoms are SO COMFORTABLE! I love the shelf bra/camisole combination. I love that I can use up all my small knit scraps on the panties. 

I love the men's patterns this time. I will make a bunch of these for my son as pajamas and long underwear. 

Again, I love that this pattern is just for men. I will make tons of these for my son and husband. 

And how freaking cute is this top? I love it in the shoulder ruffle version and also the no ruffle, neck-tie version. 

What are your favorites? Do you have a top one or two that you love??

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Completed Capsule Wardrobe

Well, even though I was unable to go to PR Weekend at the last minute*, I DID get my capsule wardrobe done. I think it turned out rather nicely, if I do say so myself. I made three shirts and two bottoms. The dress was already done. If I was really taking this on vacation, I would change up the shoe choices. I would include a pair of flat tennies and a low-heeled, neutral sandal.

I love all the pieces individually and I love them together. I added some detail shots below so you can see individual details too. 

Jalie 3355 and Jalie Vanessa Pant

I really like how this sweatshirt turned out. At first, I was worried it would be too baggy, but it turns out it's the right amount of slouchy and dressy (if you can say that about a sweatshirt). These pants are dead comfortable. 

Jalie 3130

I love this button-up shirt pattern. It fits so well with zero modifications and it's fabulously drafted! There are close-up and detail pictures here

Jalie 3243 - Pull-On Pants

I love this pattern and have made it so many times. There are more detail pictures here

Jalie 2788 - Twist Top

I love this top and have made it many times too. This time, I made it out of a rayon knit. I added two straps across the back. I love this fabric. It's Nicole Miller fabric I bought on clearance (shhhhh, don't tell!). 

*Unfortunately, there was just no way I could go - long story. I'm super sad about it, but there was no way to avoid it. Maybe next year?!?!??! 

Friday, May 25, 2018

Mini-Capsule Wardrobe for PR Weekend

I love to make Capsule Wardrobes, especially for travel. This time, though, I am cutting it pretty close with other commitments, the end of school, and life. I'm still not done, as of today, but I'm hoping that I'll get my last top done tomorrow. I'm posting it on here, unfinished, because I want to be able to show you these pieces before I have to leave. I get on the plane Sunday night. Yikes!

Here was the plan:

These are cropped Vanessa pants and they are like the best, secret pajamas, EVER. They are a denim blue Tencel. They look a bit like denim but they are flowy and soft. 

These are the Jalie 3243 pull-on pants in a brown linen. I'm not sure how great these will be in a travel wardrobe since they will wrinkle like a bitch.  

This is Jalie 3130 and it's my favorite button-up top. I especially love this version. The fabric is soft, like a flannel, and it's a dream to sew. 

Isn't it cute with the Rova dress?

Then there is this Jalie sweatshirt #3355. By the way, when I started this wardrobe, I didn't set out to make all Jalie patterns. But, when I thought about easy, fast, patterns that fit, they all turned out to be Jalie. I used the sweatshirt pattern to attempt to create a drapey, luxe sweatshirt. I'm not sure I love it. It's a sparkly knit and I created a facing for the bottom and back. 

I folded the facing to the right side and left the edge raw. 

The back is two pieces and overlaps in the back.

I don't think I love it with the Rova dress under it. It looks a bit sloppy. My rule is always that you need something form fitting either on top or bottom. This is a loose on the top and bottom.

Well, that's all I have done so far. I was going to make a tank with a blue fabric, but I might make a t-shirt with sleeves instead. I'm still pondering the last piece . . .