Thursday, March 23, 2017

Jalie 3674 - Isabelle

How amazing are these new Jalie running/gym tights? I love these so much! They are flattering, comfortable, and include a cool pocket. Mine are not made out of any material from the National City Swap Meet (What???). The solid blue is a Nike Dri-fit fabric from stash. The heather blue and orange are from stash also. There is a gusset so they are super comfy for movement. This is my tester version so their “real” pattern may be slightly different. I love the colorblocking options too. I actually drew these out and colored in different designs to see what I wanted to do. I love the pop of orange.


This pocket is in the front at the waist panel and doesn’t have a closure.


You stitch into the pocket at the top and can make the opening narrow or wide. I will probably make one pair with a key clip at the bottom because I’m neurotic about losing my keys on the trail. It’s the perfect size for a couple of Gu packets, an ID, and a key or two.


Spring is almost here (it’s still in the single digits in the morning) so I’ll be making several of these for the little running people. They love flashy running tights!!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Ottobre, Ottobre, and Jalie

If you’ve been following along on my blog, I’ve been working my way through outfits for each of my girls. This is the girl that wanted a “cozy and comfortable” pair of sweatpants and sweatshirt. She’s all about comfort. Instead of doing that for her, I decided to copy the Ottobre magazine inspiration. It’s still cozy and comfortable but maybe also a little less frump and more stylish? I used Ottobre 04-2016 #34 for the leggings. They are size B140 (the B is the skinny size). The only adjustment I made was to lower the front rise by about 3/4” of an inch. The print top is Ottobre 04-2016 #32 in size 140. I didn’t make any adjustments. The solid purple top is a Merino wool Jalie 2805 in the size 10.


Here are the two Ottobre patterns.


Here is everything together. She really likes it and it all fits really well. I need to get a picture with it all on.


I used a decorative stitch on my new sewing machine for the hem. I like how it adds a little pop of color and matches the trim on the Ottobre top.


It is supposed to have a collar but I just folded down and stitched.


I used the binder attachment on my coverstitcher. I love how it turned out.


I had to topstitch the pockets and used a different decorative stitch on my new machine.


These leggings are great. My twins are long and lean and these fit really well. AND they go up to size 170, so that’s exciting!


I recently discovered a two-step zig zag on my new machine and I really like it. I used it for the waist and the hems on the legs. It’s not as wide as the three-step zigzag but it it easier to work with than the regular zig zag.


I have one more set to show you. And more Jalies to show you too!! I’ve been working hard!!!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Ottobre 02-2017 #8 Slouchy Hoody

So I actually made this quite a while ago, but am only now getting around to reviewing it. I have worn this sweatshirt to death. The pockets are cozy, it’s great with tights, and it’s so comfortable. I think I will make another one of these soon.


It has inseam pockets. The directions are very clear in how to do this. I also recently made the Heather dress and the pockets are similar to that so I feel like I already know how to do it.


I had to topstitch the hood seam and used a fun decorative seam to do it.


The sweatshirt fabric is from the National City Swap Meet. The gray knit ribbing is also from the National City Swap Meet. I love that place!


Sometimes, I got the Crazy Eye . . .

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Jalie 3670 - Loulouxe Skirt

How ridiculously cute is this pattern? I know I love their first skort (Jalie 2796) and I’ve made it several times. This is like the flirty version of that. I love, love, love the shape and the fun colorblocking opportunities. And pockets!!! Every runner needs that!


My version is a blue Supplex and a wild print that I think is a nylon/Lycra knit.


The waistband is similar to the other skort and the Cora tights. I really like this waistband finish. It stays in place and it’s super comfortable.


There’s no pocket here in the back panel, but man would it be easy to make one just like the Cora tights. Isn’t the back flared piece fun?


And a big ol’ deep pocket for phones, Gu, keys, etc. It’s optional, of course, but you could put it on both sides. This pair only has one pocket, but I’ll add two pockets to my next pair.


What about you guys?? Have you guys be making any of the new patterns yet??! I see on the FB page that people are busily cutting and sewing!!!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Jalie 3667 - Marie-Claude Raglan Top

Ready for some other shots of the new Jalie patterns? I may have had this pattern for quite a while. I helped sew up a couple tester versions for Jalie. They made some changes after I was done, but it’s the same basic concept. When they said thumbholes and ponytail hole, I was sold. I’ve made a couple of them and wear them all the time. I’m in love with the slouchy turtleneck too though I haven’t made one for myself.


The first is made out of a wicking polyester. I run in this one in the summer.


To non-runners, the idea of your ponytail coming through your clothes might seem weird. But, when you are running and you need a little bit of warmth from a hood, a ponytail suddenly becomes quite the dilemma. If you make it a low ponytail, then it gets on your neck and gets all sweaty and gross. I can’t handle that. Also the swish-swish-swish of the back and forth under your clothes can create a horrible rat’s nest. You can also just have a regular-height pony tail but then it’s pushed against the hood and pulls the hood back off your face. I know it seems like a little thing – a ponytail – but when you are running long distances, any small thing can become a huge thing in a hurry.  This is the perfect solution.


My second version is made from a Polartec Powerstretch knit. It is so warm, I only run in it on the coldest of days. Some days I run in –5 or –10 degrees Fahrenheit and I use this layer to keep me warm. I also wear it quite a bit just around the house with leggings. It’s so coooozy. (Why is the best picture the one where I’m talking to my husband?)

For these, I made my normal size S. As usual with Jalie, the fit is fabulous! I have a couple other tester garments to show you as well. I also finished up my second outfit for the “Cozy Twin”. I just couldn’t do a sweatshirt so I made a cute tunic with an undershirt. I think she will like it.

Friday, March 10, 2017

13 New Jalies!!!

Have you guys seen them? I am in love with this collection. You can see all 13 and all the pictures here. I just screenshot-ed my favorite ones. I love Jalie – clothes for me and my kids – forever. One envelope and all the sizes you could ever want. Anyway – these are my favorites. I think I see another capsule wardrobe in my future!!

A running raglan top with thumbholes AND a ponytail hole?? Instant LOVE from the runner in me!


A supportive bikini with loads of options for straps, tops, and the high and low-waisted bottoms? Um, yes please!


More running pants! They are SO FLATTERING! I love the colorblocking options here!!! I love these.


I have the perfect fabric for this. It’s a floral scuba. With black sleeves, this would be so cute! My daughters want one (but I might make one for me first).


Yes! Cozy, comfortable pants but you look like you actually got dressed. I don’t have much fabric for wovens like this. Must get more! My son would totally love these too.


I could just live in this when we are on vacation. With a cardigan, it would be perfect for work.


Love, love, love the colorblocking options for this. I also love the sports bra. It’s looks comfortable and supportive.


I wear my other Jalie skorts all the time. I’m excited that this one has a pocket in the leg. This is my uniform in the summer.

What do you guys think? Pre-orders are available now. I think they ship on the 15th of March. I might be spending a considerable chunk of change on this release. There are others too; a unitard, ballet leotard, two more raglan tops (one for men!!!), and a cool cardigan (I love the pockets).

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Jalie, Jalie, and Jalie Update

(I love this rug in my daughter’s room and so does she.) Well, She loves every single pieces of her new outfit. She LOVES the cardigan, she LOVES the dolman top (exactly the right amount of classy), and she loves the pants. They are a bit big for her so I rolled them up about two inches. They are loose in the leg and the waist but she’ll grow into them.
FullSizeRender (73)


But really, she loves them and had no advice on how to make them better. Illuminati confirmed.
FullSizeRender (74)
FullSizeRender (75)


Sparkle pockets were her favorite part of this whole outfit.
FullSizeRender (76)
FullSizeRender (77)FullSizeRender (78)

I have the older (by 13 minutes, thank you very much) sister’s outfit traced and will maybe cut them out tonight.