Monday, August 24, 2015

Who's in the Fabric Mart Fashion Challenge? *THIS* girl!

Guess who got picked for the FabricMart Fashion Challenge?? Why yes I did! It's similar to the Sewing Bee that is starting soon. There are four challenges and it's a five week contest. I've followed it here and there for the other two Fashion Challenges and it seemed like fun. The first challenge will be announced September 11th. Keep your fingers crossed for me! I'm up against some tough competition. Look here to see who they are. Eek!

I'm cracking my mental knuckles gearing up for this . . .

I had thought about also doing the PatternReview Sewing Bee this year too. Then I realized I was an idiot. One super stressful contest is enough. I will be following along with the PatternReview one and watching y'all.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Jalie 2910–Faux Wrap Top

Here’s another Jalie knit top winner. I must confess that this was a freebie from Jalie. What, you ask? Yes, it was. Pattern was free, but opinions, photo craziness, and snark are all my own. It’s pretty cute, no? Unfortunately, you can’t really see any details because of the fabric I chose.


Here are the details. It’s a faux wrap top (this would actually make the PERFECT wrap dress!), with a shoulder seam them comes down in the front. I think this would be so cute in a printed back (so it peaks over the shoulders) and some other subtle pattern on the front with a black band all the way around the wrap part. Does that make sense?


Pardon the craziness, children were posing and I was supposed to pose the same way. Things always get crazy when my kids “help” me out. I like that everything stays where is supposed to stay. I did end up tacking the two layers together at the v-neck for about an inch. I just stitched in the ditch.


I made a size S which is my typical size. It’s a nice, well-fitting shirt (duh! Jalie!). I can see many versions of this top in my wardrobe. Like I said, I think the va-voom factor would increase with a print on the back so that it peaks over the shoulders. I may have to do this.


I’m supposed to be shaking my booty. Behind the cameraman are three children showing me how to “shake it like a Polaroid picture”. Stop and imagine that for a minute. No, really. Imagine it. It’s a wonder any pictures get taken at all.


This was my son’s contribution for “posing”.


Imagine again, three kids doing this (including fish lips face), helping me pose . . .


I always reinforce my shoulders on knit tops. This is a double knit from the Fabric Mart Mystery Bundle I got in the mail recently. It’s like they know I have a need of animal prints.


Here’s a normal picture of the pattern. I really like the half-collar? half-mandarin collar? in some of the views. I may have to try black lace over a nude knit (so I’m actually covered!) for the back panel. How pretty would that be peaking over the shoulders?


Next up? No idea!! I have so many things on my list!

By the way, have you seen the new Jalie website? I think it’s really cool looking! It even has a gallery so you can add photos of your creations. There is also a new Facebook “Sewing With Jalie” group. You can add in-progress photos, get help, show off your new stuff, or just chat with other Jalie enthusiasts. I know the newest release just came out, but I’m super excited about what they will come up with next!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Jalie 3462 - Cutest Running Tights EVER!

I can’t even tell you how thrilled I am with these Jalie running tights. I love them, I love them, I love them. More importantly, the girls (including THE Cora that the tights are named after . . . ) LOVE them. I’ll stop gushing because I literally could go on forever how about how much I love these. The fit! The pocket! The bright, shiny accent!


AAAAAGGHGHGHGHHHHHH! Is the back of these not amazing???? I’m trying not to gush . . .


The flower print is a Fabric Mart swimwear lycra. They have it in stock here. The Black is a Nike Dri-Fit fabric, and the green is a gymnastics fabric. It green is not very breathable but I’ll take sparkly over functional any day.


Pair #2. The black is Nike Dri-Fit. The leopard knit is an activewear knit from JoAnn’s and the purple scale knit is a gymnastics pattern from JoAnn’s.


Everyone needs reptile scales on their running pants.


I love this pattern so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just can’t even . . . .


Changes: I have beanpole children, this you know. I made the size M (9) for the length and then folded out an inch for the floral pair. That makes them fit perfectly, but I wanted a little extra growing room so I only pinched out a 1/2” on the leopard pair. I figured the easiest place to pinch out the width is on the front looong piece. So I made a fold vertically all the way from the waist to the hem and also made a corresponding fold on the waistband and the waistband facing. Voila, easy!!!

I need to make a pair of shorts for me!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Ottobre 01-2014 #26 - Boy’s T-shirt

Isn’t this child so helpful? I love his posing. Not. Posing aside, isn’t this a cute t-shirt? Yes, I could have made it from my existing KwikSew pajama pattern, but I love the color blocking and the pocket detail of the Ottobre pattern. It’s a pretty good pattern for him too. He’s long and lanky as all my children are. He measures 143cm high and I made size 140 with zero fitting adjustments. I could probably have pinched out 1/4” from the CF and CB, but it’s also fine how it is.


He’s a ninja.


Here’s a detail shot. This is wicking merino wool. I have it in three colors and I’ll put some on Etsy soon. This is a thin t-shirt weight knit. It’s perfect for undergarments and tops. 


This is the same pattern, but with the pieces joined and no pocket. My son was going on a camping trip and needed some wool clothing. Most of his t-shirts are cotton and not suitable for outdoor activities. This is another Merino wool fabric, but it is different than the other three I have. I would consider this more of a medium weight knit. You can see the green and gray knit have more drape than the orange. Look, he’s actually smiling! Unfortunately, in this picture, I cut off his head. Ha, sucky photographers.

Changes: Instead of using my coverstitcher and binding the neck, I create a neckband and sewed it on like a normal t-shirt. I should have cut off some of the neck SA, because the neckline turned out pretty tight. On the green/gray version, I didn’t bind the cuffs, I just folded the fabric in and hemmed with my coverstitcher. Because I knew I was going to do this, I added about 2cm to the arm length.


Next? The cutest running tights EVER.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Jalie 3464 - The Lillie Leotard

This another one of the new Jalie patterns. I love, love, love the underarm stripe and the way it shows off slim and trim bodies. My girls may be big fans of this pattern too.


I used a bright green for the underarm stripe. Let’s see, the green and solid pink are from San Diego. The rainbow leopard print is from JoAnn’s. Obviously we had fun with this photo shoot.


Isn’t that green stripe cool??


Good Lord, how flexible these little creatures are . . .


This leotard fits perfectly. The girls are eight, but very thin with looooong torsos. I made a smaller size (eek! Where are my notes!) and then added two inches to the torso.


Big sister (she’s 13 minutes older and tells her sister this all the time . . .) had to get in on the action. This is a different Jalie leotard. It’s Jalie 3354 and I blogged about it here.


Leaf throwing turns into  . . .


. . . vicious sister love . . . which turns into  . . .


. . . a fun girl on girl slap fight . . . aaaaah, the joys of parenting.


I love the leotards though. I love the sleeveless version too. It is actually a different pattern piece so you get a well-fitting armhole. There are so many options for colorblocking and fitting!!! Love it!!!!

Next? I’m frantically making wool shirts for my son who is going on a two day canoe trip with friends. Eek!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Burda 6990–Raglan Tops

I rarely buy Burda envelope patterns. I’ve been a subscriber to Burda World of Fashion or BurdaStyle since 2008. But, when I saw this Burda pattern, I knew this would be a great top for me. Yes, I have the Jalie raglan top, but I really wanted something like View C and I’m no pattern drafter. I also have the Fehr Trade top from Melissa that is very similar. The Fehr Trade tops don’t seem to fit my upper body very well without a lot of tweaks and adjustments. I don’t know what it is, I think Melissa just drafts for a different body type than mine, which is fine. Burda, Jalie, and KwikSew are my go-to pattern companies when I want something to fit with minimal tweaking. This pattern is no exception.


For this top, I made View C, the high, cut-on collar. Once I figure out the changes, this will make a perfect running top in merino wool. I also love View D and View E!! I love me some tunic-length cowl-neck!


I added my standard inch above the bust to make everything lower. The fit is good although it is looser than I thought it would be. Part of the problem might be this fabric. There is plenty of stretch but not much recovery. So, it stretches out and stays stretched out. This is after making breakfast and doing dishes.


I love, love, love the neck.


I made my standard Burda size 34. That’s one thing I love about the Burda envelope patterns. They go down to 34! Many of the magazine patterns only go down to 36. Also, these include seam allowances. A bonus. I still trace the tissue off in case I want to change sizes later or something.


My typical swayback that I’ve never bothered adjusting or fixing.


I think if I just take a deeper SA from the wrist to the hem, most of the problem will be solved.


The collar that I love.


Think of all the flatlocking options! This is just photo shopped.


The fashion fabric is long and folds in forming a facing. You sew the SA of the facing and the turtleneck together so everything stays in place. I had no problems with curling or pulling on the facing. It’s really comfortable on. This was Swap Meet fabric. Look how off grain it is!!


A Burda winner. Imagine it in Merino wool. Also, I have oodles of Merino wool to share with you people. Four different colors and a Polartec fabric too! Stay tuned!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Burda Challenge - 07-2015 #114 Peplum Top!

Long live the peplum! Like I’ve said before, in Alaska, fashion is late. I still have a good year or two before people are tired of peplums! Don’t judge me!

My July Burda Challenge piece came in juuuust under the wire. Phew! We’ve had company on and off for a whole month so things have been hectic at best.  *drum roll*


Isn’t there just something fun about a peplum top though? Come on, at least give me that. I think it’s really cute and it goes with my Jalie Eleonore pants (I need more of these pants).


Look how it emphasizes the waist! This is Burda 07-2015-114. There were several versions of this in the magazine. They had it with sleeves and as a dress also. Kristy from Lower Your Presser Foot made the sleeved, dress version and it’s really cute.


“Mom, I’m poofy!”


“Mom, I’ve lost my belt and don’t look so thin anymore.”


“Egads, I need to eat a small child to fill this out.”


This was a very easy top to make. There are just four pieces to trace. For some odd reason, they want you to cut the back as two pieces and sew it together even though it’s straight. Kristy picked up on this and just put the piece of the fold. I didn’t because I didn’t realize there was no shaping until it was already cut.


There’s a front and back topstitched neck facing. Everything went together well. My only alteration was my standard one which is to add one inch between the neck and bust. I leave the armholes alone though. For some reason, all my torso-longness occurs in that area. Don’t that one things makes the bust points go to the right place, the waist sit at the waist level, and the hip region actually hit the hips.


The armholes are bound and overlap the facing to help keep it under control.


There is elastic in the waist seam to keep it mostly fitted. I do love the belt when I wear it though.


I really love this top. It’s super fun to wear.


How is everyone trucking along on their Burda Challenge??