Thursday, February 22, 2018

Ottobre Women's Magazine 02/2018

I see a lot of love for Burda and the Big 4 (5? 6? Multiverse?) with reviews of the Spring release or the newest magazines. I thought I would throw out my love for Ottobre. I don't see many people do reviews on the issues. I know that Ottobre puts out the pictures on FB, but I love the personalized reviews of other sewists. Maybe I'm just missing those other sewists and their reviews? I don't know but I would like to see more of them.

I just got this in the mail a few days ago and I've had a chance to go through it with a fine toothed comb (you KNOW you do it too, obsessively look at each view to see the seams, try to find a different angle to see that one detail . . .).

Here are all the patterns. I think there is a lot to love here!

And here are my favorites. You guys know I love me a good knit dress pattern. The first two use the same v-neck top for the bodice and then just change up the skirt portion. Right now, I have the shirt version on my cutting table so I can see how it fits AND where that pesky waist seam hits. That way, I can adjust that before I add a skirt to it. Then, I'll knock out a few of the dress versions. The knit dress on the right is super cute too with a vintage-y vibe. If you look closely at the magazine picture, you can see there is piping on the sleeves, belt, and CF. I'm not sure if the belt and bodice details are technically called "piping" since you are using a large piece of the contrast fabric and let that show on the front. The sleeves are definitely piping. Either way, it's cute and I can see myself wearing something like this quite a bit. 

For shirts, there are some cute variations too. This one on the left is the shirt portion of the knit dresses above. The middle is a pattern for a woven blouse. I love the cute shoulder ruching details. The knit top on the right is a little longer and would make a great top with leggings, I think. 

As far as the pants go, I'm not a huge fan. There are several high-waisted pants and I've never been a big fan of those. I feel like I'm being slowly suffocated if I wear anything that goes above my belly button. 

I do love their take on athletic wear though. I will wear this tank as a workout top and maybe I'll even add a compression bra to it. The combo leggings/skirt is cute too. My favorite pair of leggings is an Ottobre pattern so I'm sure these will fit well too. I'm kind of spoiled with athletic wear since I met Jalie. This is a cute skirt, but Jalie is still my favorite. These leggings so have a hidden leg pocket which is a great idea. I will probably make them one it gets a bit springier here. 

Alright, your turn, what do you think? Have you tackled Ottobre? Do you know of other people who sew Ottobre? Tell me who they are. I see a smattering of reviews on individual patterns but not many. And two more pictures to sway your opinion . . . aren't these so cute? I love that piping (or faux-piping???) on that knit dress. 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Ottobre Twist Top Dress - 02-2013 #19

I've made this before in the tunic length and I really like it and wear it often. I love it with my black Ottobre leggings. This time I made the dress version and I like it just as much. 

How fun is this fabric too? This is another one from the National City Swap Meet. It's a cotton/poly lycra blend. I love that it's so springy and bright. 

I also love that it has this twist front but it has fabulous coverage and there is no chance of wardrobe malfunction. 

The back has a faux belt that is gathered and put into the side seam. It meets up with the front ruched belt. I almost matched them perfectly. 

Overall, I love this new, bright dress! 

Are you guys getting spring fever yet? It's been in the 30's lately which feels SO WARM since it's been so cold lately. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Ottobre 06-2015 #26 Sweatshirt with Placket

The Boy is approaching high school age. How is that possible? With that, comes intense growth (and stinky-stank). He is outgrowing everything so quickly right now. He wore a pair of running shoes for, I swear, less than a month. He's a cozy-sweatshirt/jeans kind of kid. His jeans are quickly becoming too short and his shirts, well, let's say I can see his wrists often. So, I've been making boy things. Some I can show you and some I can not. 

This time, I decided to make an Ottobre raglan-sleeved hoodie with a button-up placket. This is a pattern from a couple years ago. I've always wanted to make it, but I've never gotten to it. I figured this would be a good pattern for him. I made the size 152 with an added inch in the torso length and arm length. I think the fit is fabulous. 

I used the same red sweatshirt material as this Jalie top last week. It's a stable knit with little stretch across the width. It's another one from the National City Swap Meet. I used a thin cotton knit for the hood lining and a stretchy ponte for the sleeves and hem. I think the placket turned out really nice. I used a fishy quilting fabric I had from deep stash.

I love the top coverstitching that is on the Ottobre model so I tried to replicate that with my machine. I used the honeycomb stitch and this machine, I know I've said this before, kicks much ass. The topstitching is perfect! 

I have more to show you. I've been sewing up a storm!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Jalie + Jalie + Ottobre = Cozy Weekend.

Remember way back in December 2013 when I combined the top of Jalie 2911 and the bottom of the tunic-length Jalie 3245? Well, it's still one of my favorite tops and I wear it all the time with leggings. Well, I decided that I needed another one. This time, I chose a cozy gray/black sweater knit with the fold-down neckline. I kept the tunic length so I can wear it over leggings. I can tell you I freaking love it. LOVE IT.

 And how cute is this fold-dow collar?

Here it is with the leggings. These are my favorite basic leggings from Ottobre magazine. I made these first for my Capsule Wardrobe back in September 2017 and I wear them all the time. This time I made three pairs of leggings and NONE of them are black. 

I made three pairs of these this time. Two are double brushed polyester and one is a thicker sports lycra. All of this fabric is from the National City Swap Meet. (Remember what I said about the floral??? So much floral.)

When I made the teal pair, I had noticed that there was writing on it. I was going to make that the inside. Well, whoops, but that writing is on the outside. Ha! I don't think it will come off with washing since this fabric has already been through the washer once. Oh well, it's on the butt and I really wear leggings like this under tunics or dresses. 

What's your weekend "cozy recipe"? Mine is tunic + legging + warm socks. 

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Jalie 3355 Times Two

My twins are always in need of cozy, snuggly, warm sweatshirts. I love this Jalie pattern and I've used it so many times. I'm sure it's in the 30's by now. This time, I made them one size too big and added four inches to the length so they are more tunic-y length. I think they'll be perfect over leggings, which is their pant of choice at the moment. 

I couldn't resist adding a little bling to them. On the red/pink sweathshirt knit, I added a blue silk woven X to the front. I added decorative stitching to the sides to attach it to the front. I got this inspiration from the most current Ottobre kids magazine. 

On the second sweatshirt, I added a little orange rhinestone bling to the front and shoulder. This is a hard fabric to photograph. It's little darker and warmer than this picture. This is the same fabric as this Ottobre tunic. I didn't do the hood only because I didn't have enough fabric. 

I've talked about these before here. They are plastic rhinestones attached to this mesh and they are so easy to add. Plus, they are indestructible. 

I wanted to show you my little helpers. This is a small room with a lot of stuff in it. Why is it, when I'm in here, that BOTH furry creatures need to be in here too? Why can't they sleep outside the door?? The cat mostly leaves my stuff alone now and just sleeps on this dresser. Sometimes, though, the serger threads are too tempting and she gets "invited" to leave the room. 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Sew Your Own Activewear - Book Review

Lookie, lookie what I got in the mail yesterday!! I’ve helped Melissa over the years and she sent me a copy of her new book. Thank goodness I was home because I had to sign for it. I thought it was either this book or some crazy-scary court paperwork. I bit the bullet and signed for it. I thought I would do a little review for you guys so you can see what it’s all about.

It includes four block patterns; two tops and two bottoms. From these four blocks, Melissa takes you step-by-step through making your own pattern. It’s pretty cool. For me, I already have a block that I would use for the close-fitting top: Jalie 2805. For the close-fitting bottoms, I would use the Ottobre 05/2016 leggings. These are the most comfortable and basic leggings and the fit is great. I may pull out Melissa’s patterns because I’m always curious how things compare. She goes through a lot of common alterations like FBA, SBA, square/sloping shoulders, thick/thin thighs, broad/narrow back, long/shirt torso, swayback, etc. Once you have a block that fits you, then you modify it to make other versions of the same top or bottom.

Here are a couple of the pages that show the modifications of the block pattern. She starts off by showing you the finished pattern and then literally goes step by step through the modifications. It’s pretty cool. She also talks a lot about sewing knit fabrics, hem finishings, fabrics, useful knit sewing tools, etc.

For the blocks, there are two large, double-sided pages of overlapping designs (like Burda or Ottobre - but easier to trace!) but they are very easy to see because there are very few designs on the pages. She also puts lots of “landmarks” on the pattern like bust, waist, hips, etc.

So far, I’m enjoying going through it!!