Monday, February 9, 2015

Another Jalie 2805 Dress

Yes, *hangs head* I made another one. I should be working on my February Burda Challenge. But, what am I working on instead? Another easy t-shirt dress. Shoot me.

But, isn’t it fun? Doesn’t it make you want to dance and run around with wild abandon????? I love this fabric. This is another FunkiFabrics fabric (yes, I got it for free).

Since we are going to Mexico again, I figured I needed a couple of very easy, non-wrinkle dresses for wandering around. And this just seems like the perfect Mexico print!!!

Don’t hit me! I promise to work on the February Burda Challenge tomorrow!

I just love this and it will go equally well with flats for comfortable wandering. Did you notice I cut about 5” off my hair? It was becoming an unruly beast.

I can not tell you how much I love this fabric from FunkiFabrics. Yes, they gave it to me for a review, but really, I love it. It’s a dream to sew, the recovery is excellent, the colors are vivid as hell, it’s thick enough to cover any lump and bump, and it makes smashing dresses. You can tell I cut the collar just a smidge too small for my neck opening. It’s pulling just a little bit. You can’t tell when it’s on the bod.

Let’s see . . . what did I change about the original pattern . . . I lowered the neckline by about a cm. I made this dress version a little more fitted by taking it in at the waist and hip area. Oh, and this was a *doh* moment for me, I hemmed the cap sleeves before attaching them to the dress. You know how cap sleeves have that teeny, tiny little hem allowance under your arm? Well, I hemmed the sleeves first, then sewed the sleeves on the dress. Such a no-brainer, but SO MUCH EASIER than trying to do the hem once the sleeve dress is already sewn together! This fabric coverstitches easily too. All in all, it took me maybe an hour to cut and sew (the pattern is already traced and altered).

Maybe my favorite one-hour dress ever! I could even wear it to school with tights, boots, and a cardigan.


Levone said...

Cute dress! I love the colorful fabric, it will be perfect for your cruise.

SewRuthie said...

Fun print. I always cover hem the sleeves before attaching, iIt is so much easier to do them flat. Sew Ruthie

Threadie said...

Wahou, I love this print ! This dress is really cute !

Kyle said...

What a great dress! If ever there was a dress that screams "Dawn", this it the one!

Have you seen Sarah Veblen's Threads tutorial for how to determine the length of the neck band? I found it very helpful to avoid puckering.

SewingSveta said...

So bright dress! You need bright sandals for it too%)

Carmen Ross said...

I love it. I love the fabric and it turned out wonderfully!

Kim Hood said...

Great dress. I love Funkifabrics - I made leggings in it and they are incredibly comfy.

marysews said...

LOVE this dress on you!

Karen said...


Becky W said...

That fabric is really fun! Just the thing to combat the winter blahs.

Herry Johnson said...

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