Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Jalie 2796 and 3245 with FunkiFabrics

First off, how wonderfully fun is this fabric?? This is another Funki Fabrics fabric that was given to me in exchange for review. These are great knits people. This is the Sheesha pattern.


Since I’m going to Mexico in a few days, I decided that I needed a rash guard type of top and something I can get wet in when I’m playing with the kids. This is Nike Dri-Fit fabric and the Funki Fabric knit. I decided to make a matching top and bottom. I think it may be too matchy-matchy, but I’m not sure. What do you guys think? Too much? Hello pasty-white Alaska legs. We sure didn’t get any snow this year, but we still have no sun!


Anyhoo, the top is a tightened raglan top from Jalie. It’s number 3245 and I’ve made it several times before. I used my regular size, but then used larger seam allowances for the sleeves and underarms and brought the side seams in quite a bit to make it more fitted.I also shortened it quite a bit from the original. I really love it in these fabrics.


My original plan was to make the main skirt panel out of the fabric, but can you imagine how bright that would have been?? Yikes. However, I did make it a little surprise underneath. Surprise!


I used Jalie 2796 for the bottoms. I made a size larger than usual. I’ve been cross-country skiing (skate skiing, no classic skiing for me!!) a LOT and my thighs are actually an inch or two bigger around than my normal “running legs”. I made zero modifications to this skirt.

How big and awesome is this friggin’ pocket?? I can put my camera in there and money and be ready to rock.


This is my favorite sports bra and it matches perfectly!! I love the overlapping pockets on the side. Cute AND functional!


Other FunkiFabrics favorites of mine:



My girls would go crazy for some of this for running tights.


Alas, this is the end of my fabrics from FunkiFabrics. I may be able to squeeze one more thing out of the Prism fabric. We shall see, won’t we?


Kathy Sews said...

Oh my gosh I love this fabric and the goodies you made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kyle said...

I don't think it looks too matchy-matchy. looks very put together and cool!

Paulinakoss Bruce said...

Oh my!!! I love your color combo!! I have the Jalie 3245. Great pattern! Still needs to review my top! Now you convinced me to get the 2796!!!!!

Allison C said...

Wow, great fabric made into great pieces. I think activewear is the perfect time to go all matchy matchy, why not?! Have a fabulous trip!

Sue Parrott said...

How adorable! I have to ask where you purchased the Nike fabric?

Sue Parrott said...

Oh dear, pardon the size of this picture! I am so sorry! But i don't know how to get rid of it!

Da99516 said...

It's not too big on my screen! I buy the Nike fabric by the bolt. From time to time, I put some on Etsy when I have extra. My shop is called TwoOnTwoOff. Here's a link:

Katharine Cunningham-Carlot said...

Bon voyage, and what an awesome colourblock running/watersports outfit you have there. I totally dig where you put the print and the black, plus black is a flattering colour on you. Great idea to purchase high qual tech fabric by the bolt too. Happy trails! Dawn, I have my week old daughter on my lap as I type :) and am also slowly cutting out some activewear for when I get clearance to go back to exercise, it's nice and affordable to make one's own, I agree :)

Nothy Lane said...

I love the fabric you chose! I love buying a bolt of fabric especially when it is such high quality.

MushyWear said...

I love the sporty outfit you created! My kind of colors too. Hope you are having a great vacation!