Monday, October 22, 2012

Jalie 2769–Bad lighting

Hmmmm, this is me looking at the bad lights in my kitchen. This is my jacket made out of Polartec and Dri-Fit. The arms and CB are Nike Dri-Fit and the main part of the body is Polartec Hardface Knit. I really like it and it has been tested and approved for running. The front looks very crooked in this picture but it’s not.


Here you can see the Nike Dri-Fit. Only the sides of the back are dark gray.


Hmmm, sorry people, not the best pictures. I added long warm-up sleeves to the inside of the real sleeves. And look at my nice sparkly!


I love this Nike Dri-Fit on the inside. Super plush and soft. Here you can see the difference between the Polartec and the Dri-Fit.


Here’s how I did it. It’s just a tube inside a tube.

I’ve been doing a ton of running lately and I’ve been doing some home painting/remodeling too so I’ll have to show you guys some of that stuff in the coming days.


Merche said...

Wow! This looks so Nike-professional. awesome! And sure the finishings are top! Great ring too!

Sofie Mitropoulos said...

Wow you are a dynamo! When do you get the time to do all this?? WIth kids, working and running! I admire you... The jacket is fabulous - as always.

Kyle Burkhardt said...

i love the tube within a tube fingerless glove addition!
Your sewing always looks so great!

angie a said...

I've said it before but that floating diamond would make me a nervous wreck! :D On the other hand, the paranoia gives you a good excuse to stare at it all the time. amiright?

sandysewin said...

Wow, that looks utterly pro. Nice job! And love the sparkly, very pretty. :-)

Nothy Lane said...

Oh it looks amazing!!! I have this pattern and for some reason I thought it required a heavier fabric like fleece. You have totally inspired me!!!