Monday, August 30, 2010

Uh oh. Fell off the fabric wagon . . .

I've been really good all summer. Well, not today, folks, not today. I just went to and bought:

Two Matte Jerseys (can you say wrap dresses?),

three Cotton Baby Jersey Knits (I must be needing some color in my life),

two RPLs for work pants,

and a Slub Rayon Jersey Knit . Sounds interesting and I love the color.

I also got a swatch of this Orina Nylon activewear fabric. I wanted to see if it would be good for workout tops.

Remember that I get kickbacks from If you click on one of my links and buy, I get a commission. Just want to be out in the open about that! I'll let you know how I like all the fabrics once I receive them in the mail. I just NEEDED fabric. I had an itch I needed to scratch!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Girl Jammies

Still blogging from the iPhone. Siiiiiggggghhhhhh. GCI should be up this week to dig ditches and get things connected.

Just finished two sets of girl jammies. I made them short sleeved because I didn't have enough fabric for long sleeves and I think the girls like short sleeves. Both have embroidery and both have bows. You can't have one twin with a bow and the other without! Good Gawd! This is the fourth time I've used this great pattern. Kristine sent it to me originally and it's definitely a keeper! I used my triple coverstitch on the wrong side so it sort of looks like a top cover (I think that what it's called) stitch. I used that for the neckline, sleeves, and ruffle hem. This is Butterick 4910.

This embroidery is from Love it!

Here's my faux-top cover stitch.

This is Hawaii fabric.

This is a freebie from They have some cute free designs.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Ottobre 05/2009 #2

I apologize again for the bad formatting. I'm still using my iPhone
for pictures and posting. On the plus side, they did say that I should
have my Internet connection by Friday of this week. Anyway this
underwear pattern is from Ottobre May 2009. This is pattern #2:
"simply basic" panties and hipsters. I made the hipster version of boy
shorts. You can see from the pattern pieces it's kind of interesting
how much higher the center back is than the center front. You can see
I cut off a little bit from the center front and center back to make
them more like a low rise hipster boy shorts. They are very
comfortable and I'll be making more. This is a size 38 which is higher
than the 36 which matches my measurements. This isn't a real stretchy
fabric and maybe that's why I had to make them a size up. There's no
elastic in his underwear and all the edges are coverstitched.

And for those of you who have inquired, no I didn't piece this fabric.
Its just that cool.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jalie shirt and Gap (!!!!!) jeans

So my new love affair has been started by the Gap 1969 Curvy Girl jeans. Mind you, I can ONLY wear the CURVY girl version. There is a contour waistband and great booty coverage. They are slim through the thighs, low-ish on the waist, and boot cut. I have this wash and a dark, dark, dark wash. I'm still on the crappy iPhone so no close-ups of the great waistband but it's perfect for the swayback lady. I love the vanity sizing at the Gap. I'm a zero. Seriously??!? Come on Gap, I am not a zero. Granted I have lost weight recently but zero my butt is not. I hemmed this pair to be worn with my Danskos and left another pair long for heels. Again, sorry for the crappy formatting and pictures. I should have Internet next week and I'll fix these and make the photos better for y'all.

Love this Jalie top. I added a little width in the shoulders because the last scarf collar top I made was a little narrow. I'll show you how to do that in another post. Maybe tomorrow. :)

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