Thursday, October 29, 2015

Jalie 3243 Kids’ Pull-on Pants

This pattern is a staple in my sewing queue. I’ve it used for summer shorts for myself, pajama pants for my kids, and rainproof/windproof pants. It’s great. My son, who seems to be hitting some sort of growth spurt, is steadily growing out of all his pairs of pajama pants. He lives in these things while at home so I made him another couple pairs.


Behold: Condiment Man. I took him to the fabric store with me and he picked these prints out. It is so hard to find flannel in boy colors/designs. There are four billion unicorns and baby designs, but only about five boy prints.


I used the size M (kids’ size 9) and added two inches at the knee. He’s 11, but very thin. These will be too long for approximately four days. Then they will probably be too short.


Oh, the shame. *hangs head* Curse the mother that forgets about directional prints! Although I justified it to myself that there wasn’t enough fabric to cut it any other way.


Photo bomb attempted. And denied.


I did something different this time with the waistband casing. I hate making a waist casing, feeding the elastic through, and sewing the remaining opening. Instead, I took a page out of the Cora Legging pattern and sewed the elastic onto the attached facing. Then I flipped the facing the the inside and coverstitched from the outside.


I made this second pair too. I didn’t even realize I had cut the front (yes, the FRONT) upside down until I looked closely at it. I don’t think anyone will be looking that closely.


See? The damn animals are upside down!


I’m working on my October Burda Challenge and I still have a Jalie Hoodie to show you too!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Ottobre 06-2015 #31 and #32 Pajamas (and my new binder!!)

So, I bought a binder so I just HAD to make something that needed binding. Right?? You know exactly what I mean, people. So, to get to know my new little friend a little better, I made three pajamas for the Little People. This pajama pattern in this newest edition of Ottobre comes in a huge range of sizes. I made one size 116 (the one modeled by the diva) and two size 128s (lengthened to a size 134).


These are all made out of cotton knits from the National City Swap Meet. I love that place.


This is the best I could get for standing still pictures. Use your imagination. I’m amazed at how well her sunglasses match the knit ribbing and the aqua in the pajamas.


I’ll talk about the binding in detail below. This has a bound neckline and bound sleeve hems. There are supposed to be buttons on the faux hem but I liked this better. I like the mix of the prints on the front and back.


This is one of the larger version. This cotton knit is so soft and cozy. The Twin Girl Things will love it.


Look at this awesome knit binding!!!


My bad, I sort of suck at this. I need to baste EVERY TIME. I keep thinking I’ll just wing it.


Again, I thought the flowers would be more fun.


Another set for the second twinny. This time I actually used buttons.


I think the binder may be my new friend.



Okay, here’s my super snazzy set-up for my binder. It’s too low so it’s at an angle and tilting back. My super-wonderful husband took measurements today to make me a real table. So, to do this I just some of winged it. I knew (sort of) what this whole set-up was supposed to look like and I just put it together until it looked like it would work.


Strangely, it worked perfectly the first time I used it. It took a bit of fiddling to get the needles in the right spot, but it’s pretty freaking amazing. I am sticking with actual knit binding right now since I think it’s “grabbier” and easy to use than slick knit fabric. I will experiment with those things after I feel comfortable using this.


My second attempt. I ended up using the same thread and binding for all three of these pajamas. I figured why mess up a good thing. This aqua knit binding is from Fabric Mart. I have it in red, green, and this aqua. The dark blue above is from JoAnn’s and it seems to work well too.


The only time it actually didn’t work was when I was sewing the bottom hem on one of the sleeves. I blinked and everything went to hell in a hand basket. I don’t know exactly what went wrong. I cut another sleeve and it did fine the second time around. 



I did practice quite a bit before attempting a real project with this binder. I’m super pleased with the results. I will be getting another one in a bigger size. This is the 3/8”  (finished size) industrial binder.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ottobre 01-2014 #30 Kids’ Sweatshirt

I found this cozy sweater knit at JoAnn’s and I knew it was destined for a cozy kid sweatshirt. This girl is my no-nonsense, anti-fashion girl. She loves her leggings and her sweatshirts. As predicted, she’s a happy camper.


I used this Ottobre pattern in size 128. The girls are nine and much closer to the 134 size if you just look at their height. They are super thin little ladies though. So, I made the 128 and added two inches in the length for all that height. I also made the sleeves the 134 length. The fit looks about right.


I’m not sure I love how I color blocked it. I’m thinking the stripes should have been the top panel so the sleeves would look more like they belonged.


She’s really super happy with it so that’s all that matters.


I love the high, turtle-neck-ish neck when the hood is off and it is buttoned.


I’m not super happy with the rib knit. It seems to have very little recovery.


I think the hood is the best part. I did sort of a hack job on the ribbing but it still looks okay. Oh, and big news in the sewing room. I just bought my first binder. Yes, there will be more. Many more. More on that later.


To finish the hood at the bottom, you use two thin, interfaced fabrics as the backing for the buttons and buttonholes.


This is the right side. You can barely see where I topstitched from the front to attach those small white pieces.


I’m super happy with all the details on this little sweatshirt. I think it’s super cute. And the girl LOVES it and wants to wear it bed. That’s a definite win in my book.


What else do I have?? I have a Jalie Hoodie that is finished. I have a couple pairs of Jalie pajamas to show you too. I’ve been busy. Oh, and of course the new binder. Sqqquuuueeeeeee. I haven’t had much of a chance to play yet but it works well!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Ottobre 05-2014 #4

So you guys just saw this skirt, now for the top. It’s Ottobre 05-2014 #4. It’s ruched on the one side and fitted throughout.


I like how the top turned out. I’m not sure I’m in love with this sweater knit. Maybe it’s not my color? I got this sweater knit from Fabric Mart a while ago. I made my standard 34.


Duck lips make everything sexy. This is the longer ruched side.


Non-rucked side.


I sort of followed their directions for the neck binding. I used the sizes they recommended but didn’t use my coverstitcher. All I have is the solid foot and it’s really hard to make things like this accurate. I really need to get the clear foot (and the binding stuff, but that’s EXPENSIVE!). The neck binding looks okay when it’s on but pretty crappy from the inside. I like that I happened to have matching knit binding!


I used a contrast orange for the hems.

All in all, I’m very happy with the top. It’s a simple knit top with a ruched side. I think it’s cute and it fits well. It’ll keep me warm too.

I should be able to finish my Jalie hoodie before the weekend. I just have the hood left!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Burda Challenge–September

Yes, I know. I’m late. Again. Siiigh. I need to do a better job keeping my shit together. It’s not that I’m not sewing either, I’m just getting distracted. Tee hee.

I like this skirt but I’m not sure I’m in love with it, if you know what I mean. The top of it is so low, I can’t decide if it’s better with a tucked shirted or an untucked shirt. Maybe just not this shirt (I just made this too and will review soon!). Anyway, the skirt is cute enough.



The skirt has lots of movement. You can see here that it flairs out just from me slowly turning for pictures.


The fit is nice. Low, but nicely fitted. This is the size 34. There are four pieces to this. A CF, CB, side front, and side back. They have you make the bottom out of two identical circles.


Sorry, husband was taking pictures. He’s like super helpful. The lumpy parts under the skirt at my hip level is the shirt clumping up.


See? Low. And I think that is exactly how it’s supposed to fit.


Invisible zipper in the side seam.


What do you guys think? Tucked in? Out? This top is supposed to be crooked like this. Maybe just a different top?


They have you just leave the hem raw. I did it but I’m not sure how I like it. It frays and looks unfinished (duh!). I put in a line of stitching about 1/4” away just to prevent any crazy runs.


The top sections of the skirt are lined. The flared part below is not.


I am still working on my Jalie jacket for the Sew A-Long. I put in the zipper but it was wavy. I think I need to interface or do something else. Still pondering that. I just finished this top in the pictures too. Will review that soon too.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Ottobre 05-2014 #6 Leggings with Alterations

I made them again with an adjusted rise and they fir much better. There is still a little extra length in the front rise (I think??).


This fabric is left over from this Jalie Bella dress. It’s a scuba knit and doesn’t stretch as much as my least pair of leggings.


For my adjustment, I used the same size 34 and took out 2cm at the rise and at the thigh. While I was wearing the purple pair, I sort of pinched out what would make the wrinkles disappear.


I think it’s better although this picture of the front rise makes it look worse, I think. Any alteration ideas? It seems like I need to take a wedge out from the CF tapering to nothing at the side seams. It also seems like that alteration may create the world’s most camel toe leggings ever. I’m not good at this. Duh, *head slap*I really should compare them to my Jalie tights. They fit perfectly, all the time.


It’s not me without my weird-ass poses.


The butt seems a lot better and the thighs, knees, and ankles seem to be where they should be.


I’ll totally wear these with a long tunic and boots!