Sunday, March 29, 2015

Feeling SPRINGY!! (Jalie 2787 - Knit Top)

I don’t know about you guys, but it is feeling springy here in Alaska. Actually, it’s been a record-breaking mild winter with no snow. With the warm temperatures and lack of snow, I’ve decided it’s spring. I have vowed to no longer wear tights and boots to work. All last week, I wore sandals, dammit. And I’m going to keep it up until the end of the school year. I also decided I needed more bright knit tops. How’s this for bright? Blue! Pink! Red! Orange!! Yellow!! Here’s your glam shot, by the way.


This pattern is an oldie but goodie (Jalie 2787). It has two diagonal panels that cross in the front and a lower panel that attaches to the inside diagonal piece. I really like how you can use a different color to show off the lines.


This (of course!) is National City Swap Meet fabric. I bought lots of this fabric because it’s a medium cotton knit. I have it in lots of different colors and prints.


Don’t you love the blue color?


I guess I thought it was important for you to see the crossed front. There seem to be a lot of these front pictures.


Here’s the inside view of the front side.


To make the contrast bands, I sewed the orange bands on RST and put some clear elastic in the seam too. Then I wrapped the orange to the back and topstitched from the front. I trimmed the extra on the back. You can see it in the picture below.


I always reinforce my shoulders with some of the scrap pieces of knit.


Happy sewing! I’m hoping to make a few more knit tops and a RED pair of jeans soon. I want another pair of capris.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Jalie 3352 - Dolman Tops as Pajamas



The girls have been screeching as me to make up some pajamas for them. Well, they recently got some hand-me-down fleecy pajama shorts and I decided to make some tops to go with them. I was on a kick and made four tops.I used a combination of National Swap Meet Fabric and, oh wait, it’s all NCSW fabric. Some is just from previous trips. (Yes, the girls are still very toothless.)


You’ve seen this top on me many times. I really like the fit. I figured it would be the perfect lounge-around top for pajamas. The girls love them. I’m such a doh-doh. Why didn’t I center the motif? Oh, I know, because I’m a moron. It’s just off enough that it looks like I tried and failed. I think that’s even worse than just forgetting.


I love the hi-low hem of this top. I used the size M, which is the girl’s size 9. They are too big, but they will grow into them by the time I’m done writing this blog post.


On some of them I used picot edging for the neckline. I think it’s a cute touch.


I really like this stripey version.


I used an elastic edging here, more of an elastic piping.


Here’s version #3. I love that my new NCSW fabric (the orange sleeves) matches my previously purchased NCSW fabric.


Here’s a close-up of the neck treatment.


This is version #4, and my least fabric. The fabric is so light that it was a bear to sew.


This is like a fancy-schmancy picot edging. It’s white and glittery. I don’t have much and I’m kind of annoyed that I used it on this pink fabric.


Just your standard picot edging.


This is the elastic “piping”. I’m not really cure what to call it. The thicker part is shiny and very pretty.


At the NCSW, you can get four yards of this for a dollar. Jealous?

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A little fabric porn . . .

Are you jealous? You should be. This is about 40 yards of fabric. Isn’t it pretty? Don’t you want to touch it all?

I love, love, love this bottom orange print. It coordinates really well with a few of the other cotton knits. These have kid pajamas written all over them. And dresses for me.

I love how graphic all the prints are this time. These are super soft beautiful cotton knits too. Usually there isn’t much in the way of cotton at the Swap Meet. This time though, I hit the jackpot of awesome, bright, tribal fabrics. You know you ARE jealous. Almost all the cuts here are two-yard chunks.

I don’t know this manufacturer, but this is who made all the cotton knits. They are just beautiful and soft. They aren’t transparent at all. 

Yes, *hangs head*, I did get more animal prints. I couldn’t help it. These fabrics were too fun to resist.

This is one of my favorites. The girls are going to love sweatshirts out of this sweatshirt fleece.

This is from a regular ol’ brick and mortar store. No screamin’ good deals, but much better than Alaska. I chose wisely, so they all coordinate.

Especially how much fun is this green fabric? I love stuff like this for accents on gymnastics leotards.

And how about six yards of doubleknit for $12.00??!? This is really nice thick stuff. I love the graphic black and white. You know you want to hit me now. I’m not sure what I’ll use the stretch vinyl for, but I thought it would be fun too.

If you are ever near here, you should make a pit stop and go fabric shopping. I’m not affiliated at all, but I do recommend them!!! One of the meet ups should be in San Diego, and you can stop by National City. And make it for when I’m in town . . . .

And I’m back from my cruise. I’ll show you some fun pictures this week. :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Jalie 2796 and 3245 with FunkiFabrics

First off, how wonderfully fun is this fabric?? This is another Funki Fabrics fabric that was given to me in exchange for review. These are great knits people. This is the Sheesha pattern.


Since I’m going to Mexico in a few days, I decided that I needed a rash guard type of top and something I can get wet in when I’m playing with the kids. This is Nike Dri-Fit fabric and the Funki Fabric knit. I decided to make a matching top and bottom. I think it may be too matchy-matchy, but I’m not sure. What do you guys think? Too much? Hello pasty-white Alaska legs. We sure didn’t get any snow this year, but we still have no sun!


Anyhoo, the top is a tightened raglan top from Jalie. It’s number 3245 and I’ve made it several times before. I used my regular size, but then used larger seam allowances for the sleeves and underarms and brought the side seams in quite a bit to make it more fitted.I also shortened it quite a bit from the original. I really love it in these fabrics.


My original plan was to make the main skirt panel out of the fabric, but can you imagine how bright that would have been?? Yikes. However, I did make it a little surprise underneath. Surprise!


I used Jalie 2796 for the bottoms. I made a size larger than usual. I’ve been cross-country skiing (skate skiing, no classic skiing for me!!) a LOT and my thighs are actually an inch or two bigger around than my normal “running legs”. I made zero modifications to this skirt.

How big and awesome is this friggin’ pocket?? I can put my camera in there and money and be ready to rock.


This is my favorite sports bra and it matches perfectly!! I love the overlapping pockets on the side. Cute AND functional!


Other FunkiFabrics favorites of mine:



My girls would go crazy for some of this for running tights.


Alas, this is the end of my fabrics from FunkiFabrics. I may be able to squeeze one more thing out of the Prism fabric. We shall see, won’t we?

Monday, March 2, 2015

Burda Challenge - March 03-2015 #111

I’m not posting this on March 2nd to be a show-off. Really. I am heading out on a vacation soon and will have a crazy busy March when I get back. Plus, I wanted this dress for the cruise. I guess I’m into strappy knit dresses lately. They seem to be my go-to cruise wear. You can wear them with sandals or tennis shoes for running around and touring or put heels on and you’re good for dinner.

The fabric is some Fabric Mart fabric that I also used on this Jalie top. I really like it and it sews like a dream. Unfortunately, it’s sold out. Waaahhhh!

Same picture but with the drape drawn in. It’s an interesting dress to put together. It made me scratch my head many times. It’s actually a cute, simple dress with “bust flaps”. Bust wings? Boob wings? Anyway. my point is, there is a cute dress under the “wings” if you just want that too.

Here it is a bit closer so you can see the draping. My string turned out enormously loooong. I am going to cut them.

There is a drapey panel on the front and the back.

I made my standard size 34, no alterations. Well, except the hem. I never add an allowance and they are always plenty long.

Like I said, cute little dress under the “wings”. See how long the strings are? Sheesh. You also have to make sure those strings are tight. They run through a casing and that is what holds the whole dress up!!

Back draped piece. The straps look crooked. They aren’t, I measured. Hmmmmmmmmm . . .

What are you guys sewing?? I have been seeing tons of February Burdas pop up! Keep it up ladies!! I have another cruise wear outfit coming in a day or two. It’s pretty bright!!!