Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Leotardo-palooza? Lots-o-leos? Jalie 3241 Again


I made another one of these. It was requested by our cousin who is seven and also in gymnastic (here’s my first one in PINK). Cousin is a big fan, what can I tell you. I already have fabric for another one. The cousin and my youngest MADE me go to the fabric store and we picked out some yowza fabric for their next leotards. Prepare yourselves!.

I love version C, with the boyshorts. I think they are great for these younger ladies.


The x-back is definitely my favorite part. You can see this is just a little too big, which is fine. Kids these days grow so darn fast, I can hardly keep up. She wore this all day and that night she was doing wall handstands while we were eating dinner.


This leotard prompted this.


Sitting next to the warm fire prompted this. We are getting out of town soon and I’m happy about that!


I should have more leotards to show you soon.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Jalie 3245 Adult Version

a) I freaking love this pattern.
b) Why have I not made this a little longer with a cowl neck?
c) Does Jalie need someone to sell their patterns? Do they want to sponsor me?
d) Are these not the most fun-tastic sleeves?


This is the Mom Version of the raglan top from the other day.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Burda Challenge February 02-2014 #124

Ewwww, right? When I first say the model photo of this dress, I was like, not flattering. But then I was glancing through my magazine and saw the line drawing. I love the back gathers and the side drawstrings seemed kind of interesting too. I decided that instead of a boring beige poplin, I was use a stable knit for my version. I need some easy, cute dresses for a cruise. This seemed like it would be great for throwing in a bag at the beach.



I really like how it came out. I’ll probably mostly be wearing it with my purple Keen sandals. Isn’t it cute? It’s loose and relaxed but still pulled together. I can totally see this on the beach or just wandering around. I’m wearing it here with a cami peeking out. For the cruise, I’m hoping I have bikini straps hanging out!


I can make it a bit shorter and add heels for a dinner date too. I think I could also make it a bit shorter and wear it now with boots and an undershirt. More of a tunic-y kind of look.


The most fun part of this dress is the fun shoulders which is totally obliterated by my crazy fabric.


Here’s a close-up of the gathered shoulders with and without notations. The gathers make it really comfortable and give it some interest.


CB detail.


Instead of make self-fabric sewn ties, I cut long strips and pulled the crazy out of my strips. This knit curls like crazy and they end up looking like this.


What’s next? I’m still thinking about that. Happy February, everybody!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Jalie 3245 Again and Again and Again and Again . . .



These tops are made from almost all little remnants. The pink/gray stripe is from this recent top, the yellow knit is from a pair of pajamas I made the twins, the purple top is the remainder of this purple Jalie cardigan. Our theme here was solid main shirts and sheer sleeves. I used the next size up for all three of the girls. You can tell they are just a tiny bit too big. They are all slightly different lengths too, depending on how much fabric I had left over.


The girls love them. I let them pick the main color and the sheer sleeve.



I love this purple mesh.


I also made one for me. Of course. Mine is the remnants of this animal print (yes, I know I have an animal print problem). I used it before to make a sweatshirt.


I love this white knit I used on my sleeves too.


This is a great little pattern if you are looking for a great-fitting basic raglan tee. Jalie is the new KwikSew (like the REAL KwikSew, not the crap-tastic-craft-tastic “KwikSew” they sell now).  I probably sew more basics than anything else for my kids and I almost always use my Jalie patterns. For anyone who hasn’t tried them, TRY THEM! They aren’t a sponsor, btw . . . . just a favorite of mine.