Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Jalie 3351 Again (I know, I know, move ON, Dawn!)

I know I need to move on and make something that isn’t a Jalie pattern. Come ON, though. Isn’t this a great pair of shorts? I had to go ahead and make a pair for my Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon. This is the same thing I made the other day except it’s in a nylon/lycra fabric. I’m in love! Fabric is great, fit is great.


There’s no butt-cling, no tightness, and they feel fantastic. So fantastic, I’m going to run 13.1 miles in them next week. This is my typical Jalie size R – no modification. (This is my Nike Victory Define Sports Bra. Super comfortable and supportive. Of course, I don’t need a crazy amount of support either.)


I added a little glitz to them because I can’t resist and I have all this girl leotard fabric everywhere. The underpocket is made from glitter purple snakeskin fabric.


I will make these over and over again. I love the waistband on these. I’m going to start using this waist-elastic application to other patterns. It’s a super dark and dreary day outside, so I had to mess with the lighting in Photoshop. It makes the walls look all washed out and weird.




Back. Love the chevron.


From the side. The right side is CB. You can see it’s quite a bit higher.


Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee. A little glitter goodness just for me.


That fabulous waistband again.


In case you forgot what the pattern looks like again. They are supposed to have a mesh lining underwear option but I left that out on my two pairs.


Wish me luck! I may get to crank out another top or dress before we leave for San Diego! Swap Meet, here I come!!!!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Jalie 3351 - Swim Shorts as Running Shorts



I’m running in the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon soon and need some shorts and shininess to keep me going. I wanted to demo this pattern before I used something more appropriate for workout wear. These are made from a cotton knit (with sparkles). That’s a goofy-ass look on my face. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.


I ran eight miles in them this morning and they are super comfortable. When I run distance, I either want something looser like these or tight like the Fehr Trade Duathlon shorts (I made a pair of those too – not run-tested yet though).


I know they don’t look all that rad here, but they are cotton and wrinkly. This is a great pattern and will be my go-to casual summer shorts pattern.


I love the two side pockets and the overlap detail on the sides. I ran with Goo in each pocket and I was worried that it would pull down the waistband, but I was pleasantly surprised. These was no waistband movement at all. I don’t think I would ever put my phone in there though – too much weight.


Here’s the CF. You can’t see too much with this fabric.


Here’s a bit closer with some details drawn in.


Here they are on the side and you can see the CB is quite a bit higher that CF. The pocket is wide enough that the goo can go in sideways. I could put two in each pocket and have plenty of room.


Here’s the bottom overlap detail that I love.


Here’s the inside, not exciting, I know. But so comfy!!


Here’s the awesome part. I love the wide waistband and how Jalie has you put it together. You use a 3/4” loop of elastic for the waistband, but it’s inside the two-piece band. There is a wide waistband and a narrow facing. You sew those together and then add the elastic to the seam allowance. You fold the elastic so it’s against the facing and understitch it. When you fold them right sides out, the understitching and the narrow facing match the waistband. The elastic is at the top of wide waistband but encased. It felt snug, but not tight. Another Jalie construction technique I love!!!!!


Another winner-winner chicken dinner.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Another Jalie 3352 - Dolman Top



I made another dolman top. This one is cotton knit with print front and back with solid sleeves. This knit was printed so there was a lot of lot knit along the edges. I cut the sleeves on the cross grain to get as much solid as possible. (These are the most comfortable, slouchy, cropped boyfriend jeans ever.)


I rather like how it turned out. It’s comfortable and casual which is just what I need for the next few days of work. I have oodles of bottles, scales, models, rocks, etc. to put away in the storeroom and I need to be able to move around.


I love that the back is lower than the front. I folded down the neckline and stitched it again. I still haven’t tried the Jalie method of applying the trim piece.


Here is why I have the sleeves rolled up. When I cut out the arms, I thought the tiny bit of print on the cuffs would be cute. Turns out it’s just distracting and a bit weird. I like it just as much with the sleeves rolled up thought, so it’s all good.


Next up? I have requests for another swimsuit (the Jalie cross-top one) and more pairs of pajamas (Mom! Make sure they are two-piece with pants and tops. We get cold at night!!!!!!!! Oh Mom?? May them cute too.) I will probably make a bulk set of like six pairs of pajamas. Things go so fast when you put them in an assembly line.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Jalie 3354 - Gymnastics Leotard

This is another one of the new releases from Jalie. We needed a swimsuit and a leotard so good timing, Jalie!


Hideous, shiny fabric? Check. She does not look amused here, but trust me, she’s in love. I added 1.5” to the torso and I think that’s about the perfect amount. She has a little bit of space too grow, but it fits great with nice booty coverage.


She’s in love and she might marry it. And when we went to the park, she insisted on wearing it with her new circle skirt.


She loves how it sparkles and how the lacy pink skirt moves and how she was the only person wearing a leotard at the park. And that boy, he’s such a boy. Sigh. Is he putting bugs in her hair?


Here’s a bad picture of the back. Basically, the front and back are the same. You try to get action shots of the back of a leotard when The Boy is making them go Mach 10 on the tire swing.


Here it is flat so you can see it a little better. I used Mystique silver for the accent piece, hot pink for the contrast trim, and orange/pink/silver for the main body section. The main fabric I found at JoAnn’s and the other two were found in San Diego.


What’s interesting here is the elastic is encased in the contrast trim piece. It takes a little bit to get used to. Definitely try it out on some scraps first!! Next time, I might increase my width by about 1/8” or 1/4”. My serger snips off a bit more than 1/4” so I need just a smidge more width.


Here’s what they look like from the inside. I coverstitched everything instead of zigzagging it. I love the finish inside and love the pop of color on the outside.

Another Jalie winner! I’ll be making another hideous, sparkly leotard here in the next week or so. This one will be even more wild!

Before you start this pattern:

  • Jalie has you mark when the accent shoulder hits the body. I did that by notching it. When you encase that seam in the contrast trim, you lose your notch, duh. Mark it on the body of the fabric with chalk or something. Mine turned out fine but I had to wing it.
  • Practice the elastic/trim application. Really. It’s not hard, but it takes practice and you don’t want to screw up your real pattern piece!
  • This has no CB seam, but I would reinforce the crotch with a serger and a zing-sag just to be sure!
  • Remember that this is an asymmetric design. The first time I cut the silver piece, I cut it on the wrong side! For this pattern, you actually have to pay attention to that!

Next up? Something for momma!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Jalie 3350 - One Piece Swimsuit!

I love this swimsuit. I need to make one for me. In the meantime, a little person’s swimsuit has almost dissolved in the pool chlorine. This was a bathing suit emergency. Thank goodness Jalie just produced this latest pattern!


Does someone look happy? It’s because she is. Hot pink and shiny black? Sign her up! I made the swimsuit with the contrast strip (obviously). She loves it and says it looks “just like a Monster High swimsuit.”


This is the size L (for 8 year olds), but with an inch added in the torso. They are long-torsoed, these little people.


There is really good coverage all over.


This fabric did not come from the Swap Meet, gasp. I bought it in a real fabric store in San Diego.


How cute is it?? I love it! Another Jalie winner!!!!!!

The contrast stripe is cute and serves a purpose.


See? It hides the topstitching that holds down all the inside seams.


The inside is fully lined.


Here’s that topstitching from the inside.


I left the straps a bit long in the back in case I need an inch or so of growing room later.


Here you can see my CB reinforcement. I always add some zigzagging in case little people put their foot through the CB seam and pull really hard. I always reinforce the crotch panel too.


Another winner for Jalie. This, people, is why they are my favorite pattern company.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Jalie 3352 - Dolman-Sleeved Knit Top

So, maybe you didn’t know that Jalie just released a bunch of new pattern. Anyway, they did, and I got them yesterday. And yes, I made one up already. I know I’m always so *fangirl* about Jalie but what other company makes pattern like this? #1 Their clothes fit and fit well, #2 many are fantastic basics that you can make over and over and over again, and #3 one pattern includes sizes 2T (as in a toddler) to Women’s sizes! I make a lot of Burda patterns because they seem to fit my frame well, I rarely make something from one of the big patterns companies because of inconsistent sizing, amount of ease, etc. When I want a quick fix or need some that I know will fit, it’s always Jalie. And no, they are not my sponsor nor do they give me any kick-backs. I just really appreciate good drafting and cost-savings.

Anyhoo, back to the pattern. Simple dolman top (I can already hear little girls asking for it with embroidery and iron-on sparkles).



I made my typical Jalie size R, which is the smallest woman’s size. I lengthened the hem to size S though. I loved their version in the middle, I decided to, ahem, borrow their idea with my own fabric. The black fabric is a silky black knit and the print is an ITY knit.


It has a high-low hem.


Here you can see how much it covers on your bootyliscious-ness.


I really like it and will have to make some more for summer. Like I said, little girls will be wanting some with sparkles. Or sheer lace arms, or longer for a summer dress. Uh-oh.


It’s interesting to me that it’s so shapeless on the floor, but shape-hugging on the body. I still like their fabric better, but I think this is nice too. You may remember seeing this fabric on this dress last week.


You can bind the neck or fold it down and stitch. I chose the second option obviously.


Tonight I’ll be working on the 3350 Swimsuit for one of the girls. Last time I they went swimming, I noticed that the fabric was almost translucent in places. I assume it’s the chlorine or something. Yikes!