Friday, September 27, 2013

Mini-Wardrobe - BAM!

She’s done!!!! YAY!!!! I love these outfits! Can I say that? I will do wear all of this stuff. I love that everything has a pattern but it’s not too overwhelming. And it’s my favorite color palette, purple and gray.

Here is my Jalie knit top with my Burda trousers. I love these shoes. I know they are neither purple or gray but I love them all the same.

Here’s the Jalie top again. This time it is under the jacket and I love how the tie adds something and looks like a scarf.

This dress may be one of my most favorite creations ever. I just love everything about it.

Same dress but with the jacket and boots. Love these together. I was worried that the two patterns would be too much but I like them together. The jacket is fun because you can button it different ways.

Dawn starts to go crazy from doing so many photos. Can you tell these are at the end of the photos. Can’t. Take. More. Photos. Going. Cray-cray.

Burda 09-2008 #112 Side-Zip Cropped Trousers

Here is my last item for my mini-wardrobe! Yay! These are very simple, cropped, side-zip trousers with a front seam detail.


I made mine from a stretch woven. They are really comfortable and I think they will be pretty easy to work into my wardrobe. They are ankle length and I love them with my lower heels and my ankle boots. Here, I’m wearing them with my new Jalie top.


My right hip/butt area has weird shadows. Hmmm. I probably should have paid attention to how my shirt was tucked in. Oopsie-poopsie!


Here is a closer look a the pants. With this material, you can’t really see the front seaming. If it were a different fabric with topstitching, you would really be able to see it well.


Last item for my mini-wardrobe!!!!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wardrobe Update! Jalie Top Done!

Here’s the latest addition to my wardrobe! I love this Jalie top. It fits well and the added tie-front is cute. This time, I did the tie-front inside out so it was a solid color. I really like it. This is item #3 of my four piece wardrobe. I have the pants done, they just need a little pressing.


“Oh no, is that a bird? A plane? Superman?” What the hell am I looking at? I seem concerned.

Pants next and then wardrobe pictures!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Burda 09-2008 #104 (AND Wardrobe Update AND Burda Challenge for September)

Whew, this garment fits into a lot of categories. First, it’s the jacket for my wardrobe. Second, it’s the Burda Challenge for September. Third, I’ve wanted to make this jacket since 2008. How time flies! Squeeeeeeeeeeee, I love it!!!!!

Here’s the pattern again. I went without the knit sleeves and just added regular ones to this. I also didn’t topstitch because there are so many lines on this fabric already.


Here’s the fabric, a thick double-sided wool.


I really like it. I decided to go with just one side and alternate the stripes on the jacket. I really love the little peplum on the back (I really should have given the bottom a bit of a pressing after hemming it and before photographing this, yikes!). The “belt” starts in the back and attaches to the front with the same button that goes through the overlapping fabric layer.


Most of the coat is actually on the bias. The stripes on this coat are woven diagonally into the fabric. I used it on the straight grain under the arms and on the lower front piece. I really, really like how it turned out!



The bottom front pieces are actually not a half inch off like it shows here. For some reason, it looks like it in these photos. I need to get some inside detail photos for you too. It is unlined and wool. Yes, I know most people hate wool against their skin but I love it. I hate feeling cold lining on my skin. I’m an Alaskan, what can I say? I did use a knit fabric to finish the seam allowances on the inside. The shoulders, sleeves, fronts, and collar fit together really well on this pattern. That lower curved front piece had me worried but it was really no problem.   


I can also wear it open but I don’t love the look of that as much. The top collar sticks up and I think it looks a bit weird. 


I have my Jalie top done; just need photos.

My pants are super close to being done. They just need a hem on them. I’m going back and forth about the hem length. Hmmmmmm.

So cloooooooooooooooose!!!!! My hardest one is certainly done!

p.s. Some people asked about my boots in a different post. They are the Bethel Buckle Knee-High boot by Timberland. I bought them here. I love them too!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mini-Wardrobe Progress

I’m still alive and sewing! We’ve had houseguests, oodles of kid activities, and that nasty thing called work. I have finished my Jalie top and my dress (I love it!). I still need to post pictures of the top. The pants are done except for a final pressing and a hem. So I’ve got 3/4 of my items done. But, my newest conundrum is the jacket. I have it all traced out but I can’t figure out the layout. I’ve got stripes to worry about and the fabric is double-sided. I have a lot of options to think about. Help!

Here’s the plan again.



Here’s the actual pattern, #104. It’s slightly longer than the other pattern and has a gathered back. I could only find #105 online so I used that in my mini-wardrobe plan. I am sticking with the longer sleeves and not doing knit ones. This one has a belt, little rear flounce, and a folded collar.


If you look at my fabric, you can see it’s a two-sided wool. I can use either side and I really want to play around with the two sides because they are both graphic. My dilemma is, how do I arrange the stripes? Really, once I figure out the direction of the lines and cut it out, I can lay it out on the floor and play with the dark and light.


So here’s my real dilemma. I can’t cut until I decide which way the stripes will go. Also, I only just realized tonight that the stripes go diagonally on the fabric. Meaning if the stripes go horizontal or vertical, the fabric will be on the bias. I think that’s okay for this jacket because it will make it more comfortable. This is a sturdy wool and won’t stretch out of shape. So here are some crude sketches. The closer spaced lines are the “dark” side (Darth Vaders side, ha!) and the lines that are spaced farther apart are the “light” side. There’s a side panel, shoulder yoke, two-piece sleeve, and bodice inset piece so there are lots of lines at work here. I’m kind of digging on the second one with the diagonal “light” piece and the dark inset piece (upper right). I would probably also make the collar the dark color too. Although I like the upper left too with mostly dark and a diagonal bodice inset piece. What I don’t want, is lines all over and too much going on.


Here’s you can see the selvedge edge with the diagonal stripes.


Help! I can’t cut until I figure out the lines. Once it’s cut, I can flip the pieces over until I’m happy with the dark/light contrast. Aw, hell. I like all the variations. Now that I’m looking at the lower left one, I like that one too.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Burda 07-2011 #110 Dress for Mini-Wardrobe



Can I just say I like this dress about 340% more than the previous dress I made using this pattern. This dress is a lot more drapey and fluid and it just fits this pattern better. I love the pockets and the seaming. I really nailed the seaming this time (brag alert!). But, let’s see, I’ve done that bust seam detail now six times (two with the brown ick dress, twice with the lining on this dress, and twice with the fashion fabric of this dress.


I made this the same length as last time. I added a back vent like last time. Really, the only different between last time and this time is the fabric.


Here you can really see the seam detailing. Here you can see the subtle “lace” on those inset panels. I really like the effect. It’s not enough that the contrast smacks you in the face but it does make you look twice.


Part of the allure for me too is that I’ve loved this fabric for years. I was always too scared to do anything with it.


Here you can see the details on those side panels a bit better.


Here you can see it really well. I used scribble patterns from Urban Threads. I already had them.


The dress is fully lined this time. I had to use fusible interfacing on most of the edges of the dress to help it keep from fraying on me. I also did it on the v-necks and the pockets to help them to not stretch out.


I used a dark purple invisible zipper in the side.


I got a few emails/questions about how I did the embroidery. First I hooped up a non-tear away knit stabilizer. I sprayed the dickens out of it with spray adhesive. I pushed my pattern piece onto this and did the embroidery. When done, I just cut the shape out again and used it. I left the stabilizer on the back of the piece. You can see it here. I almost never hoop the actual fashion fabric because I’ve gotten those hoop imprints on too many nice fabrics.  Hope that helps!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mini-Wardrobe Progress

I’m slowly working away on my mini-wardrobe. I have the Jalie knit top done. That’s an easy one. I am waiting for non-crap weather to take some photos. Here is my plan again for those interested.

I am working my way through this Burda dress. I worked out any fit issues back in July. I really liked the pattern but the fabric was not for me. Since then, I’ve been mulling over this idea to put black lace over the two inset panels. Not just lace and skin, mind you. I was thinking a patterned lace over the fashion fabric.


This morning, I had a *facepalm* moment when I realized I could embroider black lace-ish stuff on the panel. Uh, duh. So I worked on that a while today. I’m not sure if you’ll really be able to see the “lace” all that much so maybe I should have put real lace over the panels. We’ll see. Here is the front and back of one of the panels. I used random scribble embroidery from Urban Threads that I already owned. I love their stuff so much!


Here is the wrong side of the front. This is about as far as I got today. I should be able to finish the rest tomorrow. Maybe. Probably. This picture makes me think I should have put something high contrast on as the inset panels. Doesn’t it look kinda cool?


Remember the Jalie 3245 raglan tops as pajamas? Well, The Ladies wanted to pose under the pictures “just like Momma does.” Look at that kid on the left, she’s got her Sassy Pose ready already and she’s only seven! I love the lace sleeve but I wish they had more stretch. You can see that the shirts are not too big!


I’m hoping the weather is nice and I’ll take some photos of the Jalie knit top. I need to do a proper review and set up my mini-wardrobe review for the contest too. Are any of you people doing it too?? The pants fabric showed up today and so maybe I’ll trace those out tomorrow too. The wool coating showed up and I’m in love! I bought three yards so I can make a long coat with it.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Mini-SWAP Draft Plan

So here is my plan for the mini-wardrobe contest. The rules say four garments and they have to form four different outfits. I’m thinking 1) pants+top, 2) dress, 3) dress+jacket, and 4) pants, top, jacket. I may even be able to do 5) top under dress. There isn’t much color included but there is a quite a bit of texture to all of these fabrics. The pants will be made out of the fabric I purchased yesterday.  The dress is the one I made this summer in the dreadful khaki color. This is a drapier fabric so I think it will work out better. The one problem is that this is going to fray like crazy so I’ll have to fuse most of the fabric and do a full lining. The jacket will be made out of this awesome double-sided wool. This isn’t the exact jacket I’m making but the Burda archives didn’t have the exact version. The one I’m making is a slight bit longer and has a few details like a belt and topstitching. I’m not sure if I will primarily use this light or dark side. I’m not sure how to best use it. There will be a lot of experimenting after I cut it out. The Jalie top is a favorite of mine. I may make this one a 3/4 length sleeve.

This is my draft plan. Things will change, they always do!

Wool Coating on Sale at

So, I may have been buying some fabric last night and look what jumped into my basket. I love wool blends and I love houndstooth. This is only $2.95/yard and they have a bunch of other wool coatings on sale too. I just ordered it last night so I don’t know about the quality but I’m hopeful it’s good. Almost everything I’ve gotten from is nice. I have had a couple of duds over the years. Anyway, I just thought you people might want to know. I know I was super excited when I saw the wool coatings were on clearance. I was not planning on getting anything like that.

Wool Blend Coating Houndstooth Tan/Brown


I also bought some charcoal pants-weight material and two poplins for tops. I am going to participate in the mini-wardrobe contest and I needed pants material.

Stretch Suiting Pinstripe Charcoal


Anyway, just thought some of you would be interested in the wool coatings. And remember, is a sponsor of mine. I didn’t put the links up here to make money, but only to do my part in filling up your little fabric closets. You fabric hoarders, you.