Thursday, May 30, 2013

Burda 04-2013 #121 Halter Top Dress

This halter-top dress has been calling to me for a while. It’s kind of a standard halter top with a midriff panel and then a fuller skirt on the bottom. Their version included a ruffle on the bottom and lace decorations around the midriff panel. I left those elements off of mine. On theirs, the back panel is half zipper and half buttons. I changed mine so it was zipper from top to bottom.


I’ve had this batiste hanging around for a bit and wanted to do something fun with it. It’s obviously a striped fabric and what I like about it is the stripes are all kind of random sizes. There is no repeating pattern running through it.


I was very careful when I cut it* so the panels would be mirror images of each other. I didn’t have enough fabric to make the stripes on the skirt go straight horizontally. My original thought was to cut a long rectangle and take darts out of the top until I changed the shape to be like the actual pattern piece. I didn’t have enough fabric but I’m glad I didn’t because I really like how the back turned out.


How fun are the chevrons in the back? I wish the front had a bit more pizazz like the back but more on that in a minute.


The one thing I had to be careful of is the placement of fabric on the bodice. What I didn’t want was the teal and red parentheses on my girl-goodnesses. When you look at the back, you’ll see the large bulls-eye circles I didn’t want on the bodice. I wish I could have had more color on the halter part but it seems like every way I moved it, I would have big bulls-eyes. Sigggghhhhhh, like look at the ties! I love all that color! It just wouldn’t work with my limited fabric.


Do you see the giant red parentheses? Those are the ones I worried about. Yikes! I love the back though, love it!


Look at how they match up! Go me! Plus there is an invisible zipper back there too.


I lined the bodice with this blue shirting. I knew I would need two layers as this batiste is thin and delicate. This is the left-overs from this dress.


I used a butter yellow invisible zipper I’ve had in my stash for years. Here’s the inside finish with the lining and everything.


I really like this dress. I’m headed for warmer climates to run some races and I’m sure I’ll wear it then.

I leave tomorrow so I’m probably not going to post for a few weeks. Have fun yawls!



*This is a tangent but I always cut out fabric in the morning. Is anyone else like that? I’m an early-bird, awake at 5am and that’s My Time to conquer the world. I have made too many mistakes over the years cutting at night. Now, it’s like a superstition thing for me. If I have time to sew at night, and the task is cutting, I won’t do it. How lame-sauce is that? Often, I’ll just flip through magazines to “spend time with the fabric” but I won’t cut it. I’ll tidy up, I’ll pet the fabric, but I won’t cut it. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Burda 04/2011 #118 - Slouchy Knit Top

Man, this is bad Burda graphic. Here’s a link to the actual page. It looks better online.

This here is BurdaStyle 04/2011 #118. I’ve really gotten into skinny leg jeans or leggings and a looser, longer top. I know, I know, it’s been a trend for a while but I live in Alaska and we are slow up here. Also, all that stuff looks better with cute shoes and our snow just melted. In fact, some of the white stuff is still sticking around.


I found this really drapey, white, cotton knit in my stash and saw this pattern and thought they might make a nice pairing. What do you think? I really like it.


Here you can see there is quite a bit of “batwing” going on but I rather like it. I added 6” to the hem to make it a little longer so I would have some gathers on the hip area.


Here you can really see how fitted it is at the hip and how loose it is at the bust. I typically made a size 34 in Burda without fail. On this project, I graded down from a size 36 to a 32. I had read some reviews on that had said the sizing was generous. Ya got that right!


You can see that the front and back have two separate pieces; a top and bottom piece.


Here’s the basic shape.


I added cuffs to the sleeves. The original sleeves were long but I had to cut them off because of fabric shortage. I thought it would look weird to have 3/4 length sleeves with something like this so I added tight cuffs so they would form some gathers like the hem at the hip.


For the neck and hem edge, I used clear elastic.  First, I serged it on the wrong side of the neck edge. Second, I flipped the neck edge over and topstitched from the front side. I pulled a little bit as I was serging it on so it caused slight gathering in the hem and the neck edge. I really needed something to stabilize the neck edge since this is a fine knit.


Here’s the hip edge.




Danger, non-sewing related kid photos! Cute kid alert!! Ignore if you are only here for sewing-related posts!!!









My beauties playing in the mud.


My crazies playing at the campground. This was on Mother’s Day.


More later!!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Jalie 3245 - Raglan Top (Modified)

I made a few blingy dresses over the weekend. I used Jalies new raglan top pattern. Obviously I modified it a bit. Instead of just using it as a t-shirt pattern, I left the top and bottom pattern pieces separate and added some width to the bottom piece. All I did then was just gather the bottom piece to fit the top. The three girls will lurve it. They love anything sparkly; especially my three year old.


Here you can see a close-up of the two sections and the fabric. I found this fabric in San Diego and it’s fabulous. I thought about making just a long raglan top but I thought that might look too much like a pair of pajamas. I thought the gathering gave it a little more “dress” attitude.


Here you can see how I lined up the sides of the fabric. I was surprised but I had no issues with the sequins at all. The serger sliced right through them and the sewing machine plowed right through too.


Here’s an illustration of what I did. These two pattern pieces are supposed to be taped together and should both be on the edge of the fabric. The original pattern piece also has a curved hem. I added a couple inches for the length and then straighten it out.


When all three girls get back to us, I’ll take a picture of them!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

May Burda Challenge! 05-2011-107 Ruched Top

I told you guys I was sick and tired of the gray winter. Here’s yet another bright and cheerful spring item. Yesterday was a blizzard but today it was in the 40s. We are so close to having no snow! I keep wearing sandals at school and hoping it will be warm when I leave school.

Here’s my Burda Challenge for May. This is from the Burda magazine back in 2011. I always liked the pattern and thought it was cute. I still think it’s cute. This fabric is from San Diego at the Swap Meet. I bought this from a guy who has bolts and bolts and bolts of fabric. Some of my favorite fabrics have come from this guy. I think he sells them for $3/yard. (This cardigan, this dress, and this dress to name a few.) 


Here’s the line drawing from Burda. I really like the twisted shoulders. It’s hard to see on my version because the print is so crazy.  In fact, it’s hard to even see any seams. I drew them in for you below.


The back is kind of boring. But, with this print, I think it’s fine. If this was a solid color, is might be too boring. (See the cutie to my right? She is having a blast on our cruise!)

I have plans for another knit dress in a day or so. We’ll have to see what comes whizzing out of my sewing machine next! Happy spring, you people!