Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Short Note

A few people have asked where to find the contests. Go to the main Pattern Review page and click on 'Message Board'. About half way down there is section that says 'Contest Discussions'. Click on that thread and all the contest discussions are in that section. Each contest is pinned to the top of the message board.

Also, if you just want a snapshot of what is happening, you can check the front page. On the right hand side there is a little snippet of contest information. You can see how many people are in the current contests, how many more days they have, name of the contest, etc.

Hope that helps! The mini-wardrobe contest starts tomorrow and I don't want anyone to miss out. I have two of the three BWOF patterns traced out.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nice Pear . . .

Well, I made another fruit. This one is the pear and I used the Chocolate Lollipop fabric from this post. I used pink variagated Maxi-Lock thread for the the veins on the leaves.

You don't tuft this one so there is no button on the bottom. You probably could but you would need a very loooong needle.

I made this one for Paulette. She said the last one was cute and she is the only reason I am taking that Couture Jacket class.

Non-Sewing Items (Stop now if you don't want to know . . .)
It's been really nice the past two days; in the 60s! I "lost" a twin yesterday. After looking in all the neighbors' backyards I came inside and there she was, passed out on the couch. She slept like that for two hours before I woke her up. My kids are not used to this heatwave. And no, I don't encourage them to eat dirt.

Also, I went to court today and the six month stalking order was granted by the court. The other party actually showed up and had a lawyer. Weird. They almost behaved themselves too. They only called me a bitch twice in court.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring 2009 Mini-SWAP

PatternReview is having a mini-SWAP for spring. You have to have a total of 4 new garment. These garments must go with one item from your existing clothing for a total of at least 6 (six) distinct & different outfits. I'm thinking a pair of jeans (of course), a dress, and two jackets. I'm not sure about what coordinating item I'll use from my closet but I have a lot of purple.

First up, this March BWOF dress. I don't like the line drawing but the model photo is really cute. I plan to do this dress in a purple silk duppioni. I've never used duppioni before but I think it's a great pattern for duppioni. I've read that duppioni shreds a lot so something tight and fitted isn't the best thing. It's really hard to photograph the color.

Next, this April BWOF jacket. I love the flaps and the cropped length. I plan to do this in a cranberry corduroy.

Another pair of Jalie jeans. Yes, I know, that's three pairs in less than a month. What can I say? I love the fit of these jeans. I am going to goodwill the Levi's I've been wearing for the past year.

Next, a Patrones jacket. This jacket is from October 2005. I'm a Patrones virgin so this should be interesting. I have no idea what size I am in Patrones. When I measure my bust, waist, and hip, I'm in three different sizes. I went with a size 38 for the initial muslin fitting. It seems like The Patrones Woman has a larger bust and a small waist. Well, ahem, my bust isn't that large and my waist isn't that small.

I'm going to use this boucle from I really like it. The colors are really bright and I'm toying with using the wrong side of the fabric. This is a sale fabric and, if I may shamelessly plug for a moment, that sponsor link to the right will take you to the sale page. This is one of the sale fabrics.

This is the back. What do you guys think about using the more subdues side?

I'm sure if these four pieces are too much to try to conquer in a month. I know I can make a pair of jeans in a couple of days. I'm not sure about two jackets but we'll see how I do on the Patrones jacket. I'm going to do the full muslin gig . . . yikes.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

30 Minute Sewing

I don't normally buy crafty patterns but I love this one. They had little model pears, apples, strawberries by the counter.

I decided to make the apple first. Before our next Couture Jacket class, I have to gather some supplies. One of the things she wants us to have is a pin cushion for our pins. I do have the standard red tomato pin cushion but I wanted to have two in case I forgot the pin cushion at class. It only took about 30 minutes to make the whole thing.

It's eight pieces total. There are six apple pieces and two leaf pieces.

I used a green button to hold the leaves down and to do the tufting. After you stuff it, you take a really long needle and put it through the center of the apple. You do this back and forth and tighten it up to make the apple pucker at the two ends.

Here's the bottom.

You have to do a little handstitching. I think I did an okay job considering how much I stuffed this puppy. It's amazing how much fill you can put in something this size.

Friday, April 24, 2009

So What Kind of Jacket Do I Want?

You ladies have given me hope and put me in perspective.

So, what kind of jacket/blazer do I want? Good question. I know that none of the Vogue ones really lit my fire. But, maybe they could with the right details and in the right fabrics. I think that is what gets me about some of the Vogue jackets. They are so blaaaaah. I did a little Internet shopping and here are some that I really like. And like Anonymous said in my last post, look at the line drawings, not the color. She's right. I always forget that the right color and fabric will make the jacket.

This jacket is very similar to V8333.
K Karl Lagerfeld
Tailored linen blend blazer

Cropped wool jacket

Tailor Gabe blazer

This one really isn't the right style but I like the trenchy coat-y look.
Short trench jacket

I think this is my favorite. And the Vogue pattern I hated because of the pink color is actually a very close match. Now, I'm thinking that the V8481 pattern might be for me. The description says semi-fitted. I may make it more fitted. We'll see. What's funny is that when I check the sizing chart, I'm almost in the "larger" size range. I'm supposedly a size 12 for that jacket. That's the top size of the "smaller" sizes. Way to go, Big 4! This is why I sew BWOF.
Miu Miu
Navy stretch jacket

I'll keep you guys updated on the progress and what I decide and all that. Paulette decided on V8333. It's perfect for her. Oh, and I asked a week ago about buying a Shaeffer pattern for the directions but using a BWOF pattern. The instructor said the point of the class was to make a Shaeffer jacket to wear to the Claire Schaeffer class she'll have this summer. I don't want to be a pain in the ass though either. ETA: I totally agree with what Ann said too. I'm a teacher and it's nice when everyone can do their own thing. But, eventually, if it's all different you start to get annoyed. It's much easier if everyone is doing something you are familiar with. Thanks Ann! I'll be sticking with one of the CS patterns.
If I did get to choose a BWOF pattern it would be this one from January.

Angst Three Ways

Paulette talked me into taking a Couture Jacket class at our local fabric boutique, Seams Like Home. Here's the verbage,
"Learn Custom Couture construction methods using one of Claire Schaeffer’s Jacket Pattern. Linda is a professional dressmaker and student of Claire Schaeffer. She will assist you in fitting and constructing the jacket using couture methods as outlined in the pattern instructions. This class is for those with intermediate to advanced sewing skill and/or a commitment to work to this level. The goal of this class is to complete the jacket to wear to the Claire Schaeffer event being held the weekend of July 17th.
Saturday, April 25, Initial meeting for class overview and instructions, 12noon-3pm
Sunday, May 3, 17, 31, June 7, 14, 28, and July 12, 12noon-5pm"

I'm excited because it'll be my first real sewing instruction since middle school but I'm intimidated because, well, it's my first sewing instruction since middle school. I've never really had any "real" training other than hands-on, make-it-work training. The skill level is pegged at intermediate so I'm sure I'll be okay. But still, I know there is going to be a lot of hand stitching. Hand stitching really isn't my forte. I don't really even know many handstitches or what they are for. I just don't want to seem like I don't belong in the class. Boy, all this angst over something that is supposed to be fun. Well, I'm sure I'll get over it. I'll learn the handstitches I don't know and I'll be a better person for it, right? I'm giving you my internal pep talk right now. Or, as I tell my son all the time, toughen up Buttercup. I need to internalize that.
One of the requirements is that we choose a Claire Schaeffer jacket pattern from Vogue. Claire is going to be here and the instructor wants us all to have Claire jackets when we meet her. Problem is, I gave up on Vogue (and the other three) last year and haven't even talked to them since. I have horrible issues fitting the Big 4. This is another reason for angst. I think I'll have to make big time alterations. I'm kind of spoiled in that regard because I don't have to make many for BWOF. Again, it will be a good experience for me but I'm not looking forward to all the altering. I have never made a fitted jacket that didn't have shoulder issues. The petite shoulder to bust adjustment seems to solve most of the problems with BWOF but I'm opening a whole new can o' beans with a Vogue pattern.
Ok, and the last reason for angst. I'm not in love with any of the Claire Shaeffer patterns.
Totally not me. I can't get past the trim and buttons. I have a hard time visualizing something that will look nice.

This one is better than the cream one.

This is the one I'll probably buy. By default. I'm not in love but I'm not disliking it either. I guess . . .

Ewwwwww. I can't move past the pink.

Again, no. No. And hell no.
This is my favorite one but you know what? It's OOP, of course. I'm not even totally in love with this one but I could make it work. Well, maybe. I don't know. I like the Chanel jackets that Lindsey T makes.

See? I'm just ho-hum about them all. But, I'll learn how to handstitch and hopefully fit a jacket. And I'm not wanting people to say, "Gorsh, you'll do great!" I'm just giving you a taste of my brain on this topic. I know I'll do fine but there is just this teensy weensy part of me that will have to get The Pep Talk. You know what I mean.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Server Migration

My files are being migrated to another server so some images will be offline for a day or so. I was exceeding my monthly bandwidth. I choose to pay for server space rather than do the Flickr, Picasa, etc. photo sharing. They do a daily server backup and I know where all my files are. Of course you have to pay for this but I think it's worth it. Hopefully they will have everything up and running today but we'll see. I use and they rock.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Ham (aka More Jalie Pullovers)

My son is a Super Ham. Here is another version of the Jalie 2911 Pullover. This one is size I or size 5. He'll be five this summer and it fits him perfectly. This is layered over a t-shirt but this summer he can wear it alone. I added a triangle tab, loop, and funky button to the collar. You don't have to but I like to keep their necks snug and warm.

"Jelly beans are good for me!"

"There's a raisin in my nose."

"I love fish lips."

"Mom is a lampshade!"

I also make two small versions in size G or 3T. These will be perfect for the twins. Love the embroidery? It's from Embroidery Library. I used a blue snap (put in with the trusty snap press) for the collar.

These are fabric pieces from Grandma Gina. She never got to meet the twins but they will know all about her crafty-ness.

The embroidery on this one is small so I figured I would put some cute flower buttons on it too. I am having a hard time figuring out where to put the buttons to make them seem random. In this arrangement, I actually sprinkled them on so they are random. My type-A personality can't make it seem random unless it actually is. I haven't gotten rid of all the stabilizer yet; that's why there is a ring around the flowers.

I used Solvy on top so the stitches wouldn't sink into the microfleece. Oh, right, fabric. This is lime microfleece. There might be enough to make one more thing but we used a whole 15-yard bolt of this stuff the last two winters. I'll have to buy another bolt next winter.

I'll update my PR review in the next day or so.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Burda 09-2006-115 Wrap Dress

Look, no snow on my back deck!!!
My husband is putting the final touches on our deck. He started working on it last summer but the building season is short and the winter is looooong. He'll finish it once the weather gets a bit warmer. In this picture it's 38 degrees and it's 45 degrees right now. This is shorts weather in Alaska, baby!!

Here is BWOF 09-2006 #115. Yes, I'm very late getting on this bandwagon. Everyone is off this wrap-dress-wagon now but I still love the wrap dress. Here it looks very springy with my sandals but it would look nice with my brown leather boots too.
Here you can see how full the skirt is. The overlap on the fronts is really wide so there is little chance of exposure. This fabric is from JoAnn's (yes, I was surprised too) and it's a rayon/lycra 4-way stretch knit. It's super comfortable and cuddly. The front panel kind of stick together so that coupled with the overlap makes chance of exposure really low.

This is the true wrap dress so the ties go all the way around the back and tie in the front.

The original pattern has you use facings turned to the inside. Instead, I attached the front to elastic with my serger . . . .


. . . and folded the fabric over the elastic where I then stitched it down with my three-step zigzag stitch. It's hard to see on this fabric.

Here's a horribly bad overlay to show you the stitches.

Here's an equally bad overlay to show you the details. I actually really like this color combination. I will probably try making this dress again (using a different fabric) and add a contrast binding to the edges. This time I just used my coverstitch machine for the side edges and the bottom hem.
I think I'll wear this tomorrow. Well, assuming it's still this warm.