Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Finally Up and Running!

I’m not going to lie. My house is in shambles, my purse is missing at the moment, and I have no idea where the moose meat is for dinner. But you know what? My sewing room is up and running and that’s something. I actually made something and it’s cute. It’s a total hack of this type of shirt (from Saks):


I, of course, used my Jalie TNT 2805 t-shirt. It was really easy. And pardon the not smiling. All the other pictures are too fuzzy, not good angles of the shirt, or something else. I’m not sure I’m in love with this print either. And can you tell it was taken by a little person, with a phone, from far away. Siiiigh. This, people, is why I have my own camera (somewhere) and a tripod (also somewhere).



Because I am that lame, I did not take pictures during construction. This is a super easy hack. You just cut it out like normal. Then you eyeball the amount and cut it off the top of the sleeves.


Then, hem or coverstitch the cut-off section of sleeve.


Oh look, directions. It’s easy. Trust. Notes for next time. I will open up the neckline a little and try the 3/4 length sleeves. The fit is nice and the cut-out is about right. I may make it a tiny bit smaller next time.


I probably will only be posting a bit on my blog while I try to organize my new house and deal with the holiday season. Fun fact: We hosted Thanksgiving this year with camp chairs and tables on saw horses. There were 25 people and we ate two turkeys, ham, and a prime rib. (And I got an Instant Pot and I’m in love.)


More later! Promise!