Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Jalie 2806 and Ottobre 06-2015 #13 ad nauseam . . .

Did you know that if you submit “creations” on the new Jalie website, they do a drawing each month?? Neither did I! They do a drawing each month and I was the winner for January!! You get a $25 gift certificate which is almost the perfect amount for two patterns. I just paid shipping. I bought this lovely top which I should have bought years ago. I love, love, love the tulip sleeves and the two front variations. I haven’t made myself a version yet but I cranked out four of them last weekend for my twinny-poos.


I made two of the gathered tops (the gray mustaches and the love print) and two of the foldover tops. I made them in size M (9). The girls are built like me so I added an inch above the bust for their long torsos.
FullSizeRender (10)
j_2806_2FullSizeRender (12)FullSizeRender (9)


The mustache fabric (and Love print) is from GirlCharlee and it’s the first time I’ve ordered from them. I like the fabric and the prints. I’ll be ordering from them again.


I know, not the best pictures to show the details. The girls only care about Penny. She’s getting awfully big isn’t she?


I love this foldover detail.
FullSizeRender (11)


Because I was trying to make them coordinating outfits, everything is white, black, red, or gray. I also made three pairs of Ottobre leggings. I used the 06-2015 #13 pattern in size 122. Because they are skinny-minis, I took an inch out of the width by just folding the middle out. Then I decreased the front rise by about 1.5” overall. I find that Ottobre pants tend to have a long rise in the front. The back seems to fit well. I particularly like this pair of leggings because of the ruching and the “stretch grosgrain ribbon” detail down the side. I used FOE instead because it’s readily available and comes in lots of fun colors. 


Doesn’t the FOE add some fun to the sides? I just draw a line down the grainline and used my wide coverstitch to attach it to the pants.


I lightened this so you can see it a bit better.


You ruche both the inner and outer leg. On the outer leg, you use gathering stitches and then just make sure the stitches are under the FOE. Here you can barely see my coverstitching.


I made two pairs with the black and white houndstooth and one pair with the black and gold dots. I found this FOE here on ETSY for a great price.

More later! Hope you all are click, click, clicking along!!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

A little Ottobre-ing . . .

My littlest one has needed a replenishing of the wardrobe for a little while. She’s loves her leggings and they all seem to be getting short and tight. To help me plan, I made a little (hand-drawn, nothing fancy) wardrobe plan. I love working like this. I planned out several items of clothing and I tried to make them all coordinate. I wanted to work mostly from stash and focus on using up all my little scraps of cute fabric. I still have one more to do.


First, I did these leggings. They are from the newest version of Ottobre kids magazine. These are simple, straight-forward leggings. No ruching, decorations, or interesting style lines. Just easy leggings. I made them assembly-line style, all three at once. I did these in an afternoon. My gal has morphed from a 116 to a 122 seemingly overnight and these fit her great. I used a coverstitcher for the hem and waist elastic. I did a little reinforcement stitching at the CB and crotch area.


These sweatshirts are from the 06/2015 Ottobre magazine. I really like the butterfly version on the left. I was trying to use up the black/lavender polka dot print. I used my new binder for the necks. It worked like a charm! The black polka dot is from this Ottobre dress and the blue sleeves are from this Jalie tunic


This is my favorite piece. The black and white is a ponte knit, the pink print is a scuba knit, and this is the last of the polka dot fabric. It has a short CB zipper. The black and white is from this Ottobre dress and the scuba knit is from these Ottobre tights and this Jalie dress.


More to come! I have another wardrobe plan all written out for the 134 size range too!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

December Burda Challenge - 12-2015 #117

Finally. Can I get a hallelujah? I had no time before my vacation in Mexico and now I feel like I’ve let everyone down. Hopefully I didn’t and you didn’t even miss me. Eep! Some great leader I am! Anyway, she’s done. I chose a super basic top for my December Burda because I am always wearing long-sleeved t-shirts to work and this one had some fun details.

The pattern shows a small keyhole opening at the CF, but I left that off because I was going for warm and snuggly. The little opening would be cute, but I wanted this instead. *stomps foot like a 2 year-old* The front has gathers and the back of the turtle neck had a couple of tucks at CB. The original pattern also shows it having a zipper and upper back panel. Since I decided against the zipper in back, I just made the upper back panel and lower back panel one piece. You definitely can get by with no zipper although it is tight. If you be the large-meloned type, you may want that zipper.


I will probably wear it with a cardigan and boots like this.


Our mangy mutt has decided that picture-taking is stupid and she will be a part of each picture.


This is made from a Merino wool knit blend. I ended up taking about an inch out of the arms and sides of this. Beware it is very loose. I took some off each side and realized that one side was looser than the other. So, I did what any normal person does, and trimmed some off the other side. Oops, now the other side was too loose. On and on that went until I have one very tight arm and one that is perfect. This, people, is why I would never try to cut my own hair.


I think the gathers at CF are a cute detail.


I also like the tucks at CB. Since I didn’t include a zipper, I did my tucks after the neckline was on the shirt.


I just folded them RST, and sewed a little tuck in place.



“Seriously Mom? Pictures? What about me?”


I have a buttload of kid clothing to show you. I have been working a a little casule wardrobe for my six year-old. She is quickly outgrowing everything that used to fit her!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Ottobre 02-2013 Twist Top Tunic

Okay, first to get some things off my chest.

  1. I had a fabulous Winter Break in Mexico. I know you all have been waiting with bated breath for my full photo report. That is coming soon.
  2. No I haven’t gotten my December Burda Challenge done. I was too busy right before we left to get ‘er done. Yes, I am aware I am lame.
  3. I have several things to show you that I did sew in December. Two Christmas dresses, two swimsuits, and one Jalie sun shirt. Those are coming in my next post. 
  4. I sewed this Ottobre top up before I left too. December was such a busy month I didn’t even have time to document how busy it was. Yeesh.

Okay, back to this top. Do you love it? I love it! This is from an older issue of Ottobre Women’s magazine. This is the 2-2013 issue. I really like using it with a print like this so you can see how the bodice is cut.


It is black and gray with irregular metallic gold stripes on top of all that. 


I made my usual size 34. I pinched out about an inch at CB because Ottobre tends to be a little wide for me in the bodice. I did not add my standard 1” above the bust because it was really complicated. The fit turned out fine though.


When I was all done, there was a large-ish hole at CF. I just took the two CFs and sewed them RST. That makes it totally peek-proof (and also peak-proof, har, har, har). You can see here that the bodice is cut on the fold so it is double-layered. That’s kind of a nice touch.


This is a great length for skinny jeans and leggings. I love it with these booties.



There is also a dress version. I really like this and will probably make it a couple more times to wear with leggings.


What do you guys think?