Saturday, August 31, 2013

Jalie 3245 - Raglan Tops as Pajamas



I really like the fit of this top. I made the three girls dresses out of this fabric before and they love them. This time, since it is getting chilly out, I made them matching microfleece pajama dresses with hot pink lace sleeves. It’s a whole lot of pink, let me tell you. I have yet to make this pattern for myself but I will do that soon.


I used size K for the twins (size 7) and Little One got a size H (size 4). I had to, of course, add lots of bling and sparkles. I used a sheer lace for the sleeves and used picot trim for the neck and the sleeves. I only used that treatment on the sleeves on this one. On the other ones, I just turned under and did a zigzag in hot pink. You can’t see the stitches at all.

I used this embroidery from Urban Threads. I used iron-on bling to spice it up.


I don’t own this design but it’s a cute one.


This is for one of the twins.


This has princess bling on it.


This is for Little One. She wanted a heart on her pajamas so she knows “Momma always loves her.” Awwwwwwwwwwww.


She has heart embroidery and heart bling.


To apply the trim, I sewed it RST using a zigzag stitch and then I folded it over and topstitched it from the right side.


I think it looks really cute on the sleeves.


We’ve been elbow deep in moose meat this week. My Man shot a big bull and we’ve been cutting meat. We finished vacuum packing meat today. Whew. That’s a big job. I’ve written a few posts on moose in the past. Processing the moose, information about moose, and more information about moose.



I hope to make something for myself in the next few days! I am hoping to participate in the mini-wardrobe contest. It is four garments that make four different outfits. The only thing I can figure out is two tops, a skirt, and pants. Seems kinda boring. I love to make dresses but I can’t figure out how to make a dress into a wardrobe where I would have four garments. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm . . . .

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Burda 08-2012 #111

No, I didn’t make the top again.


So, I made the peplum top here. I finally got the skirt finished today. Whew. I think it looks so cute paired together! My school colors are purple, gold, and black so this is perfect for that!



I’ve been making a real effort to make sure the clothes I make coordinate with something else in my wardrobe. This is my Jalie top (from this post) I made recently. I love black, purple, and gold together. This skirt is really nice to wear. I mean, come on, it’s pencil skirt. They go with everything. Here’s a little bit better shot of the back. I didn’t put this outfit together because it is exactly my school colors, I like these colors together.


I posted these pictures mainly so you can see my new boots! I love them. They are made by . . . Timberland. Really? Yes, really.

Cute, yes? AND, they fit my calves!!!


I didn’t really do any detail shots of this skirt because it’s just a pencil skirt. I’ve shown you the inside, lining, zipper, and vent stuff before. I’ll just give you some highlights: fashion fabric facings attached to full lining, dark navy blue invisible zipper, vent on CB seam, two darts in the front and back for shaping, and a hand stitched hem. And a partridge in a pear treeeeeeeeeeeee.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

More Summer Fun - Sorry No Sewing!

I just can’t get over how pretty the sunrise was a few mornings ago. This is at about 5:30am when I went out for a run. First is was purple/pink and then it turned purple/orange. All in the matter of minutes, people. Nature is pretty awesome if you pay attention.


Speaking of nature. I thought everyone knew these mushrooms really existed. I posted a picture on Facebook and some people were blown away that this type of mushroom is real. This is a super poisonous mushroom. It’s called an Amanita (Genus) and they are beautiful. They are all over this time of year. The one with my hand may be the biggest one I’ve ever seen. Usually, the caps are about the size of a large golf ball.


I found the Amanita jackpot the other day.



I just got back from running a race. It was in Seward and it was 16 miles. In the Chugach National Forest. Over a mountain pass. Whew. I’m a tired puppy today. Basically, you run uphill for about 9 miles, you run flat for a few miles (the ridge of the mountain pass), and then straight down for about five miles. The scenery was breathtaking. I didn’t get any pictures except this one since I was running my ass off. My time was 2:30 and I think that’s pretty good. It’s my first time running this. The female first place finisher was done in 1:58. These other two people are a husband/wife that I’ve known for a very long time. I run almost all of my long training runs with her. We had our first kids about 10 days apart and we both have identical twins that were born a few months apart. Strange world.


After the epic run, we hiked to Exit Glacier. It was a short hike and our legs were still tired.


The glacier is to my left. It’s really pretty down in Seward.Yes, I’m still wearing my sweaty running clothes. Ewww!


Then we went on a dinner cruise with a tour company. They take you to an island where you eat dinner and play around on the beach. We mostly played with the jellyfish. This is one is partially desiccated so we could actually pick it up.


These are moon jellies. They don’t sting. There were some other ones and they do sting. We stayed away from them!


I promise I have sewing to show you! I enjoy people’s pictures so I figured you guys would like to peek at some beautiful Alaskan scenery.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Birthday Fun

Sorry, no sewing happening here but we had a fun birthday bash. The girls invited a ton of other girls over and we had fun-o-rama. Boring for those of you that aren’t my family, sorry!


Little people turned seven today. Can you believe it? SEVEN. I gained 70 pounds when I was carrying these too. Damn.


She has The Eyes.


Chillin’ after eating his cake. And doesn’t everyone have Cape Buffalo skulls on their porch?


We had a little oopsie that involved the chin. BAM!


We have a lot of these around the house. Lillies and hymenopteras.


The raspberry batch went bonkers this year.


My mom. Aaaawwwwwww.


The Boy haz mad skillz. My students love it when I talk or write like this. You can hear their eyes hitting the tops of their head as they roll them.


We work damn hard at having fun.


That is all.


I have sewing planned, it just hasn’t happened yet.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Laminate Tablecloth–Boring but PRETTY!

This is nothing exciting about the sewing aspect of these, but I love the fabric. We have a casual dining table in the kitchen for our normal dinners and a more “formal” dining room. This is what I call the Kid Table. There is always food being dropped on it, water being spilled on it, etc. I made a couple of new laminated tablecloths and thought I would show them to you. I’ve never used this type of fabric before but I love it and it’s perfect for this!


I used some pretty crazy patterns because I kind of like having the bright and colorful table and the more sedate, formal table. Isn’t the pattern fun? This is from (Remember they are a sponsor! That means if you click the link and buy, I get a cut! FYI!)


This is Amy Butler Cameo Laminated Cotton Harriet's Kitchen Sugar. They had this in other colorways too.


We also use those heavy duty plastic mats. Kids are damn hard on furniture. This is what every meal in my house starts like. Salad. Luckily, the four kids are good eaters and love them some salad.


We also have a giant bulletin board that hangs over the table. This is where we hang all the great kid art. There isn’t really much on it right now because it’s summer. Once school starts, we have oodles of stuff. Last week, this whole board was full of tiger-striped pink balloons because it was our littlest ones birthday. She turned four!!! You can still barely see one of the balloons in the upper right corner. It’s a rotating art piece and I love it. The fabric on the bulletin board is from IKEA and I love that too.


Laminate is not bad to sew. All I did here was sew around the four corners. Really, my only advise is to use a leather foot. If you don’t have one of these, you need one. That makes it a breeze to sew. I used a large gauge needle (a 90?) and regular thread.

I also bought Brandon Mably Laminated Cotton Zig Zag Multi. OMG, right??!?!


I bought Heirloom Laminated Cotton Opal Blush too.

I also love these but did not buy.

Kaffe Fassett Laminated Cotton Flame Stripe Yellowlaminate_9


Logan Laminated Cotton Blossoms Pink


Riley Blake Laminate Medium Chevron Red/Black. This is like RAWR!


The dreaded SCH___________ starts tomorrow for me so I am turning in early. Uck!