Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jalie 2804 – Empire Cross Top

I made another Jalie cross top. I’ve made a couple of these. I made a sleeveless version with the cute little shoulder ties and two long sleeved versions. On those versions the empire waist was just a tiny bit high so I lowered it by about an inch on this version.
I really like this pattern. It’s a timeless staple. I think this type of top always looks nice. An inch may have been a little much. I could have probably lowered it by a half inch. Now I have to wear a camisole with it. I made this out of a mid-weight jersey from JoAnn’s. It’s really cozy. Nothing too special about this top. Just a nice, easy one to make. I love Jalie.
Next? Well, my kids are begging for some jammies. I’ll have to see what kind of cute embroidery I can crank out.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Burda 12-2008 #127B Bathrobe

I told you guys I had been doing some sewing. I’ve been needing a house robe for quite a while. You know, when kids get up in the middle of the night, when you have house guests, when you cook breakfast in a house with no blinds, it’s probably better to not run around in your skivvies.

This is from Burda December 2008. I made the longer version B. It’s a super easy pattern with only two pieces; five pieces if you count the two belt loops and the belt. I made it out of a  piece of toasty wool. I bought this roll end of of Patagonia a few years back. I also made a Jalie top (I’m working on the picture links) out of this fabric. It’s toasty warm. One side is wool and the other side is a poly-blend. I put the wool on the inside so I’d always be warm.


I decided to use a Hong Kong finish to the seams on the insides because I didn’t want to line it and I didn’t want to see the serging. I like how it peeks out on the robe and the sleeves.


I didn’t add a facing to the lapels because I like the raw edge of the fabric. I did go around and staystitch the entire robe so it would never fray. You can barely see it from the inside (grey striped side) and not at all from the brown side.


I did a raw edge for the belt loops and the belt.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I’m so bad. Sweater Knits Sale at!

I don’t know how many of you know but does a Deal of the Day sale. Their deal of the day today is 40% Sweater Knits. I couldn’t resist. I bought a teeny bit of yardage. I’m going to have to bust out some knit tops soon. My stash is growing by the day!! Deal of the Day


First I bought this gorgeous rayon blend jersey knit fabric for $4.19/yd.
Designer Printed Stretch Rayon Blend Jersey Knit  Stripes Charcoal/White/Grey 


Then this stretch rayon blend knit for $4.19/yd
Designer Stretch Rayon Blend Slub Jersey Knit Heather Grey


I bought these super cute cotton blend knits to make girl jammies. It was more expensive at $7/yd but so cute!
Designer Stretch Cotton Jersey Knit Big Flower Buds Red/Pink/Rust Designer Cotton Jersey Knit Floral Multi/Yellow


This is a sweater mesh knit. The close-up pic is pretty cool. I love sweater knit and stripes.
Designer Sweater Mesh Knit Silver/Coral 


This is purple striped rayon/Lurex. FUN!
Rayon/Lurex Jersey Knit Stripes Plum 


This is a mid-weight stretch rayon sweater knit.
Designer Stretch Rayon Sweater Knit Augergine



Along these same lines, I did cut out a knit top last night. It’s a Jalie cross top. Love my Jalies!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Not Sewing Related–Paint!!

I’ve been on a color kick lately. I think it has to do with the fact that my house is getting painted soon. The inside this time, not the outside. Have you guys seen this website? I love it. It’s called Design Seeds and it’s just so darn pretty. I check out all the palettes every morning. I doubt I’ll ever get creative enough to actually use one of the palettes (I’m boring and a non-decorate-y like that) but I do love imagining it.

This is the color scheme for my twins’ room. Remember the minky blankets I made them? Same colors!!


It’s funny. I went through the website and just picked random ones I liked. Once I grouped them here, it’s funny but, many of them are the same. A pink, a neutral, and green. I really don’t like blue for some reason as a paint color.

This is really one that doesn’t belong with the others. I do like the neutrals though. HuesStare510


I have some sewing to show you but I need to do the photographs. Do you know it’s dark in Alaska right now? Oh wait, it’s always dark here. I’ll have to take some dark, unflattering photos. My deck is under four feet of snow.