Sunday, November 26, 2017

Jalie 2788 Twist Top

This is a Jalie oldie but goodie. I've made this top so many times before. I still think it's a classic. This is the remainder of a polyester ITY. I made another shirt out of it here

The only change I made to this top is to make it a regular back. The pattern has a low dipping back with a tie. I wanted something that wasn't as breezy . 

Friday, November 24, 2017

Jalie and Black Friday

Jalie is doing something new this year. They are releasing a holiday pattern and this year it's all sorts of gift bags. I've made all of them so far except the bento bags and they are Jalie quality just like everything else. My favorite is the one I posted a few days ago. You can get 50% off this pattern, but only for a few days! 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

You were right! Green is The One!

You guys were totally right. This is a fun green coat. I was skeptical about the color against my skin, but I think it's okay especially since I'll probably be wearing a big chunky scarf much of the winter. The coat was very fast to construct since it had just a few pieces. There were no closures to futz with so finishing it up was really fast.

Even without the scarf, I don't think it looks too dressing gown-ish. Because it has a very relaxed silhouette, there were not many fitting issues. I did add my extra inch between neck and bust (without disturbing the armholes) and did a small swayback adjustment. I did make a muslin of this before I even got my wool

The inside closes with ties, shown here.

Isn't the lining like a Monet? I found this silky fabric at JoAnn's. It's just beautiful!

Of course, little Miss Thing had to come and check it out.

This is not a fully bagged lining. The wool hem and lining hem are not connected. The wool hem is hand stitched up under the lining.

The wool is great to work with. It's plush, thick, and fabulous. I put both of the wools in the washer and dryer on the Wool/Hand Wash setting and they both came out looking fine. I always do that to pre-shrink my wools. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me make up my mind with the green. I think you guys were definitely right! At work, I've already gotten a load of compliments. This was a fun and satisfying project to make up. 

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Can you guess??

There is a new pattern coming out. Can you guess who created it? No hints. Just guess. It is not FABULOUS? I love the handle. It's a bag within a bag. The totebag and inner bag are connected (you can also make it without the inner drawstring bag). I'll use it for workouts. My shoes can go in the outside bag and my clothes can stay clean inside the bag. There is also a smaller version of this bag. It's the perfect size for lunches. Actually, the pattern has a ton of bags. This is just one of several. Any guesses? 

Friday, November 17, 2017

I Need Help - Sassy or Hideous?

I love this Ottobre coat. I love the simple lines and the closure. Inside, there is a tie from the front to the side and then there is a self-fabric tie front. I always find in the winter that 1) I'm too rushed to button all my coat buttons and 2) I'm wearing a variety of bulkiness. Sometimes I'm wearing a thin knit top with skinny jeans and sometimes a thick, chunky sweater. If I have a very tailored coat, it is tight when I'm wearing my sweater, but loose when I wear the thin knits. With this coat, you'd be able to snug it up when you needed to.

Here's my dilemma. The other day I was needing some retail therapy and I had this coat in mind as I shopped. I bought three yards of both of these wools. Yes, I bought the green. Why? I don't know. I was apparently having a crisis. I do like the green but would it be too much? Mind you, I do like bright colors and flashy coats. I don't know why I didn't buy one of the jewel tones on the right. My wine wanted the green, I guess. Should I do it? It would certainly make a flashy wool coat.

On the other hand, I also bought this somber black with white. It's kind of boring, but it would make a very nice, if boring, coat.

Here's what I can tell you. Both of these fabrics are high quality, thick, and nice. Any thoughts? 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Ottobre Knit Top - 03/2017 #38

I knew when I first saw this in the Spring Ottobre that I would make it. It's nothing crazy, it's just a t-shirt with a hood. But this is why I think Ottobre is fun. The hood is interesting and the trim application is something new. I love those little details. I figure they can wear this with a tighter t-shirt underneath. You could totally do this with a regular t-shirt pattern.

I used a cotton knit for the front and hood and a Merino wool knit for the sleeves and back. I used orange FOE for the hood trim.

First you use FOE to bind the hood and then you use a contrasting strip to hide where the FOE comes together. I think it's a cute detail.

I nailed the FOE application by using my center guide foot. I used this dotted orange as a fun accent. I also like it because it has the gold dots like the main fabric does.

The back is a purple Merino wool. I think it will nice and warm as a cover-up. All of this fabric was in my scrap bin. I love using up scraps!  

Monday, November 13, 2017

Ottobre 05/2017 #18 - Simple Knit Dress

This is another Ottobre knit dress. This one is from the most recent Ottobre Women's magazine. This is a super easy pattern. There are just three pieces. I used a very stretchy knit for this dress. There is very little waist shaping on the pattern and I expect that it will look very different in a different knit.  

You can see that the neckline in front is pretty high. In the back it is lower. 

I did do a slight sway back adjustment on this dress. It's hard to tell if I need to do more of an adjustment. This knit is heavy as well as thin and the skirt material pulls down on the bodice.

Overall, a very simple knit dress. I live in knit dresses in the winter time. You can add a cardigan, a chunky scarf, or a belt. Then slip on some knee high boots and you're dressed! 

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Ottobre Dress - 05/2015 #1

This is another Ottobre knit dress. I made this before in a polyester ponte knit. This time I made it in a sweater knit. I love the long sleeves and the cozy design. I had forgotten how short it was. Next time, I'll add a few inches. It's so short that my mini-skirt slip shows sometimes! This baby is shhhoooooort. 

I used my coverstitcher binding attachment to add the neckline and pocket opening binding.  

I love these colors together!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Jalie 3668–Valerie Raglan Top

Problem: Winter is coming not just in King’s Landing, but also in Alaska. My phone is bigger this year and when I put my phone in my butt pocket of my running tights, my tights start to fall down. No one wants to see that!

Solution: Time to whip up a top with a pocket for a cell phone. I would put my phone in a jacket pocket, but it gets too cold and stops working. At 10 degrees Farenheit, my phone will stay alive for approximately eight minutes. My phone needs to be in a warm place against skin. And not in my sports bra because then my phone gets sweaty. I know, gross, sorry.

I used the Jalie Valerie Raglan and used the front zipper option. I added knit piping to the side panel and a zippered pocket to the arm.


I made the knit piping way too wide and it kind of sticks out funny. I may zig-zag the edges down so they don’t stick out strangely.

When I made this, I was like, “Dude, that’s a great zipper!”

Then I was like, “Sweet! my phone fits perfectly.”

But then I was like, “It’s not so easy to bend my elbow. Well crap, it’s WAY TOO LOW. Dammit” Arg. So I nailed the pocket, and the zipper, but not the height.

But if I pull it up a bit, it works fine and I can bend my elbow.

For this raglan running top, I used a super plush wicking, Merino wool with Lycra. The “piping” is a swimsuit knit.

I have run in this top and it’s super comfortable and the pocket functions exactly like it should (as long as you have the sleeve pulled up!). Next time, I’ll start the pocket much higher on the raglan arm. I totally just eyeballed it this time. Next time I’ll measure (ewwww, what??!) and make sure it’ll work.