Saturday, September 20, 2014

Burda 05-2011 #113 – Cropped Wool Jacket



Wool? Red? Cozy? CHECK! I’m loving this jacket. I’ve had it finished for almost two weeks, but with coaching (I get home late) and our decreased light (we are losing six minutes a day!), I haven’t had time to take good photos.


I love all the buttons and topstitching. Last time I wore it, I wore a long white tunic over skinny jeans and boots. I think I may have like that styling better although, I like it with these jeans too. There’s just an awkward gap between the tops of my jeans and the bottom of the jacket. I love this darker red color. This is a very accurate representation of the color. I had a hard time getting true color photos in the pictures below.


I think it’s slightly too wide in the shoulders and you can see it in the picture. No, I didn’t make a muslin *hangs head*, but Burda sizing is always so solid. I could probably could have gotten rid of a 1/2” of length in the arms too.


I lined it with the rest of the fabric from this dress. It’s a polyester charmeuse from JoAnn’s. It’s fully lined using the Thread tutorial on bagging the lining. This was painless and easy.


This jacket in the magazine was not lined and only had a facing pattern piece. I just made my own lining using the jacket pieces. I added a 1” vent to the CB for movement.


See how the color goes all tomato-y when the coat is by itself? I don’t get that. Red and bright pink really screw with cameras.


I love the buttons and the topstitching. I used dark brown Gutterman upholstery thread for all the topstitching.


This is what the hem looks like on the inside. You can see the topstitching thread.


I only hand stitched three places. This section on both sides, and then a 5” slit in the lining. It was really easy.


So. Many. Button. Lots of hand sewing on the buttons though. In the end, I think it was worth it. I love it!


The buttons are from JoAnn’s. They are dark brass in color and real metal. There were so many fake metal buttons there. Blech.



Sqeeeeeeeee, I love this jacket. I’ve been waiting to show it to ya’ll!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I just put a few fabrics on Etsy.

Just letting you guys know I put some things on Etsy.

I put on some of the Nike Dri-Fit in Navy Blue.


I put some Nike Dri-Fit in Black.


I put on some of the Polartec Powerstrech in the Electric Blue.


There is still a little bit of the merino wool knit in brown.


And a little bit in the greenish color.


There is also some green stripey fabric.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Papercut Patterns - Ooh La Leggings

These are the Ooh La Legging from Papercut patterns. I can’t tell you how much I love these! This is a new-to-me company, but I’ve seen oodles of reviews and specifically, reviews of these tights. The reviews from Melissa and Kathy are the ones that really pushed me over the edge. I knew I needed some

They come in full-length, 3/4 length, and knee length. I made the 3/4 length for my first pair. Next, I’ll be making the full length pair.


This is after my 10 mile run this morning. They passed the test. Although, they do need pockets. I’ll put those in this week. You need places to stick your goo, car keys, etc. Strangely enough, I have a Nike Dri-Fit top (bought, not made) and a pair of running socks that perfectly match the pants.


This is during our family bike ride later in the day. What’s fun about the print is that they match everything. I can always use more fun running pants in my life.


I love the back part. I was worried on a bike that the butt seam might rub when I was sitting on the bike seat, but I never even thought about it or felt it.



I made the size XS, but I probably could have made the XXS. The waist and hips have plenty of room. It depends a lot on your fabric. I can see making these in lots of different fabrics.


I love how the side view changes dramatically when you move your legs.


Again with the fun back.This is Nike Dri-Fit solid knit mixed with a swim suit nylon spandex print. I love how springy and bright they are.


This is the front. There is a front and back hip piece. The legs are made out of three pieces. A side piece (dark blue in mine), and a front and back panel (both are the bright print in mine). I’ll make these again and play with the color blocking, although I’m loving how these turned out.

They tell you to topstitch the hip area, but I decided to go all the way down the leg. That’s the only change I made on these. It’s a great pattern! You’ll be seeing more of this in the future.


Next up: I have a great jacket to show you, I just have to photograph it. I get dressed in the morning, go to work, change at work into my running clothing, and coach running. When I get home, there is no way I’m changing again to take pictures. Oy, I’ll get it done one of these days! My jacket had been done for over a week!

Monday, September 8, 2014

A load of Jalie Running Skirts

It’s coaching season again. I‘ve been working on running skirts for fall cross country running. We took this photo shoot soooper dooooper seriously.


They are very color coordinated, these two.


Silly girls.


The only thing different on these models is that I extended the shorts to capri length and flared out the back on the girls’ skirts. I used the high waistband on all three pairs of running skirts. The black and blue solid fabric is Nike Dri-Fit fabric. It’s divine.


See how the girls have a little bit of gathers in their skirts? They wanted more bling and fabric, they said.


You can see it is much wider than my skirt. My skirt is the original unaltered version.


The back.


Here is a lightened picture so you can see the pocket. I used a gymnastic fabrics from JoAnn’s for the purple glitter and the orange/pink panels.


Here’s how I changed the pattern. It’s only in the back. Argggg, that should say Center Back instead of Center Front.


Here’s my version. See the “stains” on it? This is what happens when I try to get crafty and create my own textile. I have this glitter fabric paint, right?


Wouldn’t it be cool if my front and back panels look like this?? Well, halfway though, the nozzle was plugged and it started throwing out gobs of glue and little glitter. So instead of this cool glitter shower below, I got drippy blogs that look like I was attacked by bacon grease.
rebel 051


See? Attack of the bacon. Sigh.


Arg. On the plus side, this Nike Dri-Fit is so comfortable and great to run in.. And luckily, it’s been sprinkling every time I wear this to practice, so people just think the spots are rain. Any ideas to hide this? Add other drops of paint to make it look intentional? This is always what happens when I try something like this.


I think the best feature of these shorts is the pockets. See the “bacon grease” below? Arrrg.


Up next? I have been working on a jacket. Wool. Red. Buttons. AWESOME!