Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Sorry for the crappy post. This is more like a brain dump than a proper post!

I'm trying to get ready for my trip to Mexico, but I have been sewing a ton in December. First, two Jalie 3352 dolman tops. The purple one is my favorite with the striped back. I used my new coverstitcher binding attachment. I'm not totally happy with how it gathered the fabric a little on the neck.

I really like this version too. The floral back is a transparent mesh for when I'm feeling saucy.

Penny has gained 10 pounds in the month we have had her. She's five months and 35 pounds. She is the sweetest dog ever. She still has giant feet compared to her body so that scares me a bit. Eep!

I had this border print nylon/lycra swim fabric. I think it was sort of an odd combination of prints.

I needed a sun shirt/ rash guard and used Jalie 2805 in a smaller size (I think I used size Q?) with the mock turtle neck. I cut it off so it's a bit short. I'm sure you'll pictures of it when I get back from Mexico.

I recently made two Jalie 3349 leotards. I LOVE this twist front. It's nice and high on the body and it looks so good! On my leotards, I fully lined the front. These are for the cousin.

Isn't the twist cool?

Yes, I know this is a random post. Look at how well my girls are producing!

I also made two Jalie 3134 swimsuits. I love them too!!! I especially love the back. This is my first time using this swimsuit pattern and I absolutely love the fit of it. I want to make one for myself.

I also sewed two Ottobre holiday dresses and one really cute Ottobre tunic. I probably won't get my Burda Challenge for December done. I'm a horroble leader, ladies. Yikes! Have fun with all your holiday plans and I'll show you lots and lots of pictures when I get back!!!