Sunday, November 17, 2013

Long Cleansing Breath

After yesterday, I needed some easy, fun sewing. I decided I needed a pouch for all my writing supplies. I love to sketch and doodle. Don’t think like good sketching. I mostly make glorified stick people. Regardless, I always have random pencils, pens, and markers rattling around. I made a pencil pouch for them.


I used this Sweet Verbena tutorial to get sizes. It’s really easy, not even lined, gasp!


Mine is a little larger than theirs. I may have a lot pens.


The fabric is what’s left from this disaster yesterday. It’s cozy wool and double-layered.


I used Urban Threads embroidery all over this thing. I quilted it when I was done with the embroidery.


About those sketches . . . see? Nothing special. This is me with my pencil pouch.




I made this for my daughter. She’s the grumpy one.


This is typically what I draw. The little girls go wild with coloring these. I make a LOT of princesses too.


I made a whole series for my girlfriend of her being naked in Alaska. These crack me up.


The whole fam-damn-ily.


Hee hee!


Me, with the stupid gray skirt.



No artist here but it makes me happy. I’ve always been a doodler. Papermate should give me a cut of all their sales. I go through a lot of ink.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

November Burda Challenge 11/2013 #105 Skirt



I’ve had so many of these lately that I’m starting to get discouraged. Is it me? Is it the pattern? Is it my ability to pair the fabric and pattern? Am I distracted? Gah. Whatever. Here’s the nitty gritty.


Love the skirt pattern in the magazine.

It’s the one on the right. Yada yada.


It looks okay, right?


The back looks okay too. It has some weird butt stuff going on, maybe, but not bad.


Nice topstitching? Check.


Skirt in action? Blech. The skirt is on the bias. I interfaced the back zipper portion. The more I messed with it, the more wonky it got. See the butt-bump? This is the best I could get it. Trust me, I put the zipper in a few times, I added space and took away space, I interfaced more of the back. These pictures are all lighten so you all can see the hideous wrinkles and lumps.


This is the best I could get. This is probably tighter than it needs to be at this point. It was, at one point looser, but then my butt just looked saggy. This is like the 5th version of this skirt. Let it out, take it in, let it out a little, take it in a titch. I think the seams that point away from the butt make it look wider too. That’s not where I want visual widening. Of course, I decided to emphasize it with bright white topstitching. Go, me!


I don’t know what happened. I’m an experienced sew-ist. I interface things. I staystitch when needed so things don’t stretch out. I am gentle. I know how to put in zippers. Sigh. Again, whatever.


1) The front darts are widely spaced and are almost at my hips means the dart end pops out a little strangely.

2) I think I should have made the back piece on grain here. I think I would have avoided the stretching out and the pulls. I think that’s the main issue with the back. That, and me playing with it (hours of unpicking black thread on dark gray wool, fun!).

3) I started by interfacing just the zipper area plus a few inches. When the area below the zipper was sewn, the entire seam looks wavy like this. By the time it was done, the whole top to bottom was interfaced about 3” in. This helped the bottom immensely but not the area around the zipper.




Water off a duck’s back, right? Fucking ducks.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Jalie 3245–Raglan Tee Again

I had to make it again.


I made this one with a super cozy, lightweight wool blend sweater knit and dark grey ribbed knit sleeves. I cut it about two inches shorter this time.


I still have the same swayback “problem” and I’m still not going to fix it.


Hello, matching side seams. Woot!


I like the open neck on this pattern. I think adding length and a cowl to this pattern would make a great sweater dress. Like awesome.


This coral neck scarf I made a while ago. It’s a large rectangle and I just sewed one end shut with a french seam. Voila, a bright scarf to pep up any outfit. I made this scarf several weeks ago and strangely, it matches the orange color in this top.




Next up: I’m really not sure. The kids are begging for jammies so that might be next on my list. All three of my girls want more pajamas like these ones with the lace arms. The Boy wants more funny pants. Hmmmmmm.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Jalie 3245 - Raglan Tunic


You know how sometimes, you just need a big deep breath of cold air before you can move on? That was me last week. Between Halloween, legal crap, two frustrating sewing duds, work, kid homework, and costumes, I was toast. Like T to the oast. I got back into the sewing studio (it sounds more impressive than my sewing room) and whipped this out. If you remember, I’ve made this pattern multiple times for my three girls. I made them dresses and pajamas from this pattern before. I had never made it for myself! I decided that this would be the cold breath of air I needed to cast away the demons of last week. As usual, Jalie does not disappoint. I made the longer tunic version. I used a sweatshirt knit that’s been in my stash. It doesn’t have great stretch but it has enough to make this deliciously cozy and comfortable.


I probably could have done a swayback adjustment. Meh, who wants to do that on a knit?It’s the most comfortable thing ever. I will make this pattern over and over again. I think I could have made it a few inches shorter. I think if I made this a few inches longer, it would make the best dress-with-tights dress ever. I think I’ll make that and even leave the curved hem. The shoulders fit really well. This is a size R. I also think the shorter version will be great.


Here’s a lighter version so you can see the pockets. I used Jalie’s pockets and placement lines. I used a contrasting orange thread on the hems and pockets. It’s not that noticeable. I debated whether to add same-color embroidery to the pockets. I think it would have been a nice detail. Next time!


I think I could have take an inch or two our the side seams and it would look slimmer. I will do that next time too.



This is what happens when I do my photo sessions in the house. They are all so helpful.


A little slice of my life so you can see how I suffer.


I have about 13 of these photo bombing photos.


Feel. My. Pain.