Saturday, September 10, 2011

I blame you, Ladies. Vogue 1250

I saw so many pretty and sexy versions of this dress over at that I had to make my own. Wow. It’s a great dress. Comfortable, quick to sew, sexy, and classy. How could it get any better? I made my version out of ITY from It’s the partner fabric to this swimsuit cover up I made a few months ago. Same pattern; different colorway. What can I say about this dress that hasn’t already been said? It’s fantastic. The only modifications I made were to take it in about an inch on both sides from the arm to the hips and to make the hem about 4 inches shorter than it was. I’ve got a little pooling above my butt, but I think that is easily adjusted next time by taking a slightly larger SA for that back seam that attaches the bodice back to the CB of the dress. And yes, I said “next time.” I plan to make this in solid black too. It’s the perfect pattern for the little black dress.


Is this not the best ITY ever?


What more can I say?

Monday, September 5, 2011

Butterick 5559–Slinky Red Dress

I bought this dress at the JoAnn’s sale a while ago. This french terry knit I also bought from JoAnn’s. It’s one of those rare, quality knits from there. It’s red but with a little fleck of white or light gray.


Here’s my version. I like my skirts short but this one is a work dress and I wanted it a little bit longer. I made the teensiest, weensiest hem on this and it’s still a little on the short side. Wow, my hair is raggedy in this humid, rainy weather. I’ve been growing it out and I’m amazed how curly it is. Pre-kid I had very straight hair. Very. Straight.


I didn’t really have any fit problems. I probably could have done a little swayback alteration but I didn’t. See how wavy it is?? My hair, not my swayback.



Next up: I’m going to tackle one of those cowl-y patterns from the other day.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Do you see a pattern here? (*snort* get it? pattern??)

Okay. I know my puns are not funny. They entertain me and, really, that’s all that matters to me. What I should have titled this is “Do you see a trend??” Because, wow, I’m really into cowl-y, drapy tops right now, eh? I just bought these at JoAnns because they are having their $.99 and $3.99 sale on patterns.


I bought McCalls 6282 because I’ve always liked it and because this girl at work wore a dress very similar to it. Now I need it. I have some RPL that’s dying to be used.


And who isn’t going to buy Vogue 1250 when there are already 44 reviews at This one by Calverie pushed me over the edge. Need it. Need it in animal print.



I also bought Vogue 8634 because, as my dad would say, it’s a real weiner (winner). There are also a lot of reviews of this one out there. I have a gray sweater knit that would be perfect.



Maybe I’ll actually find time to sew this week.