Friday, September 4, 2009

Fall Fashions

My MIL bought me an Instyle subscription a few months ago and I really love looking at it for inspiration. Here are some of my favorites from the September issue.

I love these bright wool coats. The yellow-orange one does look like a bathrobe but the color is fantastic. I was given some camel coating a while back and really should make a nice jacket for myself this winter. I love the camel jacket with the hood on the lower left.

I just love vests. There are several in the past years of Burda and I also downloaded the free Hotpatterns vest from They are so cozy and can really add a nice pop of color to a dull outfit.

And I have been wearing dresses almost exclusively since school started a few weeks ago. They are so easy to wear. No matching, no coordinating, just rip it out of the closet and put it on. This dress really reminds me of the crazy purple and black one I made a while ago. Well, they remind me in shape, not color.

So, Burda has been doing these weird necklace/ribbon things for the last two months. I guess that aren't totally off base. People do wear this stuff. Here I just thought they were getting a little too kitschy but they were right on. I still probably won't be making and wearing one but you never know.

I love this LBD from DKNY. It's a lot like the cozy cardigan in that you can wear it several ways by tying it around you. The only color is black, of course. That makes it a bit difficult to see the details. Here is the link to the real dress. It's a steal at $995.

This weekend? I plan to make an outfit. Black RPL Jalie pants with a striped knit top. I might make the J. Sterns top again.


Gail said...

Love the shirtdresses - yellow or red would be great. I also like the vests which look awfully BWOF.

Jacqui said...

Love the LBD - maybe Simplicity will see it and make a pattern!

Kathi said...

I love shirtdresses - they are such a nice, clean look. The colors of those are great!