Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Prototype

I've been working on a mitten prototype for my girls. I started with this Green Pepper pattern. The original pattern is for overmitts and the linings that go inside them. I have made those mittens many times but I wanted something a little smaller for the girls. I narrowed the sides of the mitten and added a cuff. This is a scrap this fabric from this Jalie sweater top.

Here are my modified pieces.

Here's the problem. This fabric makes cuffs that are too bulky. I'm going to try with a thinner knit. My original plan was to make the main part of the mitten two layers; fleece on the inside and wool on the outside. But, that would add another layer to the cuff area. I'm still trying to figure out what to do. The thumb is too long also.

Here's the original pattern piece for the hand/wrist.

Here's the model. It fits but I'll make it better. Expect to see more of these tomorrow.


Kathi said...

What a cutie!! I got nice mittens and gloves at an outlet for LLBean quite a few years ago. It was summertime and they were marked down to something like .99, so I figured my boys would eventually grow into them. They have used them the past several years!! I hope they still fit this winter! Of course, my boys don't need them as often as your girls. We only have snow a few times each year!
I am sure you will master the mitten problem and have them hanging out to dry like that mother kitten before long!

E said...

The drawing of the hand on the pattern looks like it has some sort of weird cleavage up the middle where they're showing you where to measure. I'm just sayin'

Donna W said...

Could you use a ribbing for the band. Some of the heavier ribbings that are used for sweatshirts are not that thick and hold the shape.

Maggie said...

I think I may give these a go. Seems a bit easier than gloves. By the way, hats, wouldn't be starting to hunker down for an Alaskan winter by any chance? It's coming to New England any day now. Actually, it snowed last week in Massachusetts. I better get going on my mittens.