Saturday, January 15, 2011

Actually making progress!

The other day I said I was going to work on kid jammies and, strangely enough, I’ve actually made a lot of progress.

  • Cut out two pairs of girl jammies? CHECK!
  • Trace next bigger size for The Boy? CHECK!
  • Cut out two pairs for The Boy? CHECK! Oh wait. That’s an almost check. I cut out everything except two pairs of pants.
  • Stitch really cute embroidery from Urban Threads (owl here and monster here) on the girl’s jammies? Half-check.

Here’s the super cutie-patootie embroidery. I think I’m going to add yellow button eyes too.



Here’s proof I’ve cut out the girl and boy fabric. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to sew some of this. My dad and his wife are in town right now to visit so I may not have too much time. We’ll see.



Noile said...

You get so much use out of your embroidery machine! Love the owl, and the cute fabrics for the PJs, too.

Ann Made Studio said...

You are making great progress. The embroideries will be a cute addition.

gMarie said...

Love the jamies. I love how you add the embroideries. That's a goal I have this year - to add tasteful embroideries to my grown up clothes. g

Corrine said...

love the embroideries Dawn. What type of stabilizer do you use on knits?

angie.a said...

Hey you were busy! I think I have that UT embroidery. Wish I had more time and energy (and a place to put them).

I love the house, btw, I saw your pictures! Congratulations!

Bug Adventures said...

Owls are creepy!

Arizona said...

I love the embroidery site! It's hard to find "cool" embroideries, so that's a great website.

Myra said...

Busy girl, cute jammies.