Friday, March 25, 2011

My Image Magazine – Winter 2010/2011

So I’m a little late to the party for this magazine (here’s a link to their website) but I do have a copy and I really like it. I have traced out M1005 in size 34 and I didn’t make a muslin either. I’m probably going to regret that decision later but I thought I’d just hop into this whole “sewing thing” again. So, it’s your basic faux wrap dress. Although I read the reviews and they said it’s more of a tunic length so I’ll add a few inches to make it longer. 


Here’s the line drawings for all the designs in that issue. I also like (read: LURVE) that coat in the upper right hand corner. I have some red wool coating that needs to be loved on. M1014 is really cute too. I saw Karen’s version of the mini-skirt and loved the pocket details and all the seams. She said it’s super short though so I’ll add a few inches. If you know me, you know I like my skirts short but I do want to cover all my girl bits. (**ETA- Dammit! Karen’s version is in a totally different magazine!! What I have circled is a girl version. That certainly would not cover the girl bits! Ha!) also love that dress with the cowl neck and tabs. Cute!  MI_winter


Hopefully I will be able to cut out fabric this weekend and sew this little puppy up. Luckily, my Viking is already set up to coverstitch so I can do that overlay and then switch it over to overlock.


Tina said...

For just having a few designs in each issue, there does seem to be a lot to choose from. I think if they ever start offering subscriptions, i'll be be first in line to get one.

The skirt you have circled in the winter issue (M1015) is in girl sizes. The skirt Karen made (assuming we're talking about the same Karen) made a skirt from the spring/summer issue.

Corrine said...

I had to smile with your "...late to the party comment!" I didn't even know about this. Very interesting. The chosen fabrics are are stunning. The line drawings show what appears to be good basic structure with fashion-forward styling. Can't wait to see how you do with the dress. Thanks for the info!

melissa said...

Hi Dawn! I'm pretty sure the skirt Karen made was from the Summer issue (which IMHO is even better than the winter one)! I just made the bolero jacket from the summer issue and the sizing is pretty close to Burda so I think you'll be fine without a muslin on a knit!

Anja said...

Are the patterns in the magazine available in size 34? I only saw sizes 36-44 on the cover of the magazine and wasn't sure whether a 36 is too big for me. I was tempted to order the winter issue as I do love the tunic you picked.

Greetings from Germany,

Paulette said...

nice to see ya back.....SLH has some Colette patterns...only 4 of them but it's a start :)