Wednesday, December 21, 2011

San Diego fabric

I haven't been a good blogger lately but I'm hoping someone will point
me to a good fabric store in San Diego. I'll be here for another week.
Promise I'll post more regularly when I get back. I'll HAVE to if I
purchase fabric lovlies. :)

It's a fabric SOS.


ksmith90 said...

Check out Yardage Town - their National City Warehouse. Or The Spirit Of Cloth in Old Town.

Veronica said...

The best places are actually the Spring Valley and National City Swap Meets on the weekends. You have to dig and it's an experience, but we're talking $1-3/yd!

SueV said...

The Spirit of the Cloth recently closed.

Anonymous said...

Spirit of Cloth has closed :-(
It was my favorite SD store.
The main Yardage Town in National City is better than their smaller stores - but you have to dig. I think most of the fabric is meh.

This is my LIFE said...

As you can tell by the posts not much fashion fabric in San Diego. I could be wrong but have yet to find it. Not sure of how mobile you are and your schedule but you could check out the Fashion District in Los Angeles. I love to visit Michael Levine for fabric when in the area. There is also Mood which I have not gone to yet but may in the near future. I have not tried Gwen Couture in La Jolla but if you want to stay local might be a trip if in La Jolla area.

Gail D. said...

Hi, Dawn. Yardage Town is, in my opinion, the best--there are numerous locations, and they're on the Inet with those locations. Additionally, they used to sell Kwik Sew patterns for 40% off--don't know if they still do tho. Good luck.\

Gail D.

marysews said...

I'm glad to see you posting, and I think you are lucky to get to travel. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I saw this post just before heading to San Diego for the week. I stopped by Gwen Couture, and bought some absolutely fabulous knits. She has a small selection of really wonderful fabric, definitely worth the trip to La Jolla. Thanks!