Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sewing Stuff (Finally!)–Jalie 2319 Sweatshirts

I always have this problem when we go camping. Camping involves rain and dirt and marshmallows and campfire. My kids all own raincoats and we take them camping. Inevitably, they end up with little burn holes in their polyester raincoats and it makes me angry to ruin good clothing. So this year I made them a rain/fire/get-in-the-muck coat. I used this amazing Polartec fabric that is wind and waterproof and breathable. You guys have seen it here before when I made myself a running vest. I love that vest. I used the Jalie 2319 pattern that I’ve used so many times before (here, here, and here).

The kids loved them and they practically lived in them over at the fishing site. For those of you who don’t remember this pattern (it’s discontinued) here’s the pattern front and back:




And here’s a smattering of pictures of the coats. I embroidered fun stuff on the back of the coats. I can never get Little Miss Thing to stand still long enough for a good picture. They are all the hooded version and I used three different types of ribbing for the four coats. My son has striped knit binding, the twins have a green binding, and Little Missy has pink cuffs and rib knit because what other color would she have? Um, pink is the only color, right?


Here are all four of my coats (my son is waaaaaaaaaaaay down at the beach – that counts, right?).

This was Miss Helpful posing for me.

In the end; happy, warm kids and coats with no little holes! The kids call them the Camping Coats. The only technical thing I would say about this coat is that the torso seems to be a bit short and the arms a bit long. I always add an inch to the torso length and I should have took an inch off the arms. Obviously I left the pockets off this version.


spoiledpooh said...

Hi, would you recommend this pattern for someone who has some sewing experience but never made a coat/jacket?

Kristine said...

Camping coats = cool coats! Nice job, they are cute and cozy looking! Kudos on making 4 of the same thing, my sewing ADD wouldn't allow me to do something so sensible!

dawn anderson said...

YES! This is a super, duper easy pattern to make. The part that takes the longest is always the details (pockets, buttonholes for the hood, etc.) and since I left that stuff off, it was really easy and fast. 

Sewwhat said...

Where do you buy your Polartec 300? It sounds like a great fabric especially If is breathable. Some of the polar fleece is so hot I can't wear it.

spoiledpooh said...

Thank you for the feedback. I really loved your jackets! I am going to have to order this pattern and try my hand at it :-)

Amy Luckett said...

Nice coats and smart mom.  I love it when the kids give their items nicknames.  

Elizabeth Halpern said...

I love this pattern too! And you certainly have gotten your money's worth from it with all the jackets you've made for your kiddos.  It's funny you mentioned the long arms, short torso of this pattern. I don't notice it with other Jalies that I have made, but I did notice it with this one.  Especially on my son. I have a long torso anyway so I always have to add length, but my son doesn't and it was short on him with super long arms. Now I know it's not just us.

Sara Noemi said...

That embroidery is such a nice touch! Thanks for the extra inch tip for the torso.