Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cute Skirts!

Look folks! Sewing! On a sewing blog!!

I made these little twirly skirts for my girls. Are they not cute? This first one is made out of shirting material. The background is a cream and the stripes are hot pink and gray. I used the directions from Dana to make these. She has a ton of awesome tutorials. made_skirt_5


I added a little fun bling to this skirt.


I used my serger so all the inside seams are pretty. I used variegated thread for extra special fun.


I added my label to the back so everyone knows where the back is. On these skirts, it won’t really matter since they are the same front and back.


I used my serger to make an east rolled hem.


This one is made out of slightly thicker pique material. I’ve had this fabric is my stash for a few years now. 


I did the same rolled hem but used a spring green thread for contrast.


This is actually the first skirt I made. The ruffled layers are an ITY knit from Fabric.com. It turned out pretty fun.


Because it was an ITY, I didn’t hem it.


The inner sections are a hot pick like the top. This skirt is more droopy when the girls are wearing it but it also has a lot more movement and actually twirls really well. 

The shirting material is the perfect weight for this project. I’ll be making a lot of these. The knit is a little too floppy and the pique is just a little too thick. A duppioni silk would be great; lots of body but not too thick. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to spring for silk for six year-olds.


Judith said...

Beautiful skirts for your girls! Very creative and original - and I wouldn't be going down the 'silk' pathway just yet either...

Mary in FL said...

Yup! They are really cute and pretty!

angie.a said...

Super cute. I would wear em! :D I lost your email again. DAMMIT. So... I have cute running shoes and you don't.


Victoria said...

Cute skirts indeed!!!

Lyndle said...

Super cute! Love the variegated thread. Your kids are lucky.