Sunday, December 23, 2012

More photo fun.


Feel free to ignore all these photo posts. I’m just having fun with my camera and want to to document it! We’ve gone for some chilly winter walks with the temperature hovering right around –3 degrees F. It makes for a very quick and short walk. This camera takes great pictures on the Snow setting. It knocks out a lot of the blue and washed-out look of the snow.
camera_11canon_1 131


I’ve also been having fun with the manual functions on my camera. These are our Christmas lights with a very l o o o o w shutter speed. The kids took turn making designs with the lights.
canon_1 100canon_1 113


The camera has this fun color select function. Only one color will photograph, the rest is gray scale. Obviously I chose red for this shot.
canon_1 159


Overall, I’m pretty happy with the camera. I don’t love the little dial on the back, it’s hard to turn with gloves but it works fine if you are careful with it.

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Florencia said...

I can't ignore your pictures :) I love them! Merry Christmas!!!