Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Burda 10-2013 #111 - Can it be saved?

Here’s the newest dud. I’m really having a great run, eh? I really like this dress. Here’s the line drawing.


Here it is on the dress form. Notice that the sides do not lay flat.


Here it is on the model. See how far her legs are apart? I think as long as it’s like this, there are no weird hip puckers. Good lord this woman is thin.


Here is my version with puffy sides. Not hemmed, of course. This reminds me of Melissa’s post from long ago regarding a tulip skirt where she couldn’t move.


See the poofy sides? Uck. That’s not exactly where you want extra poofs.


I have Butt Wings.


Here it is flat.


I was thinking of folding out a section of the fold-over pleat and sewing down.


It would look like this close-up but it might just look like a design feature in the fabric. Of course, I don’t want poof there either. I think if I sew it down well, it will be okay. Maybe. It’s depressing to have two not-good things come out of my sewing room in a row.


The other option, of course, is to rip the serger seams and sew on a new front skirt. I’m not sure this knit can handle it though. Pondering . . .

Also, this dress is a size 36 which I sized down to a 34 and it’s really big on me. Hoping I can finish this dress by the weekend. I’m still pondering the fate of the yellow, green wrap dress.


Karen Ishihara said...

It's midnight, I'm silently reading in bed on my iPad & I laugh out loud at "Butt Wings"! My husband asks, "What are you reading?!"

Kristy Chan said...

Oh no, I had high hopes for this dress too. But those butt wings are definitely not flattering, even on someone with a slim and athletic figure like you. Is it possible to turn those angled pleats into normal vertical pleats instead?

Jennifer Churchill said...

Oh no! This dress was on my list to sew but that's definetly not flattering. Hope you can fix it, I hate sewing duds.

AnaJan Stepalica said...

Have you considereg making the diagonal pleat folds into inverted darts? I'm not sure I'm clear with my explanation - I think making a diagonal stitch from waist towards hip, thus closing the pleat and fixing the fold in place would help.

cowgirl said...

I really don't think it looks bad except for the nasty animal print!! Really, you NEVER look bad in anything you make. I'm not a fan of animal maybe my bias is there, but truly, you look fine otherwise....
You are just an impressive seamstress!!!

Jewels said...

I love animal prints, but you can hardly see the front criss cross section anyway, so I would remake the skirt into a reg one.
You would still have a great dress paired with a big black belt.

Lesia Lesia said...

I thinks it can be saved. I would open a waist seam and I'd pull the folded edges of the pleats up. This will change the behavior of pleats on hips.

Sue Kenny said...

I really liked this dress pattern. I hope you can save it (and if you do - let the rest of us know how!) :)

Mary said...

Would it be possible to rip apart the waist seam in the front and raise the pleated area? Just pin-baste and try it on till it doesn't poof anymore. Am curious, I liked this design too.