Monday, September 8, 2014

A load of Jalie Running Skirts

It’s coaching season again. I‘ve been working on running skirts for fall cross country running. We took this photo shoot soooper dooooper seriously.


They are very color coordinated, these two.


Silly girls.


The only thing different on these models is that I extended the shorts to capri length and flared out the back on the girls’ skirts. I used the high waistband on all three pairs of running skirts. The black and blue solid fabric is Nike Dri-Fit fabric. It’s divine.


See how the girls have a little bit of gathers in their skirts? They wanted more bling and fabric, they said.


You can see it is much wider than my skirt. My skirt is the original unaltered version.


The back.


Here is a lightened picture so you can see the pocket. I used a gymnastic fabrics from JoAnn’s for the purple glitter and the orange/pink panels.


Here’s how I changed the pattern. It’s only in the back. Argggg, that should say Center Back instead of Center Front.


Here’s my version. See the “stains” on it? This is what happens when I try to get crafty and create my own textile. I have this glitter fabric paint, right?


Wouldn’t it be cool if my front and back panels look like this?? Well, halfway though, the nozzle was plugged and it started throwing out gobs of glue and little glitter. So instead of this cool glitter shower below, I got drippy blogs that look like I was attacked by bacon grease.
rebel 051


See? Attack of the bacon. Sigh.


Arg. On the plus side, this Nike Dri-Fit is so comfortable and great to run in.. And luckily, it’s been sprinkling every time I wear this to practice, so people just think the spots are rain. Any ideas to hide this? Add other drops of paint to make it look intentional? This is always what happens when I try something like this.


I think the best feature of these shorts is the pockets. See the “bacon grease” below? Arrrg.


Up next? I have been working on a jacket. Wool. Red. Buttons. AWESOME!


Mrs. Smith said...

Cute skirts. Cuter girls!! :)

I vote for adding more paint!

kathyh said...

Love these -they look so comfortable.
Can you cut off the skirt and sew another?

Sofie M said...

I actually did splatter oil on a new sweatshirt made of fleece the first time I wore it when stir frying chicken that was a bit moist (should have worn the apron!) and I found some domes from an old rhinestone kit I got at the op shop and now there are random stainless steel domes on my fleece... but there are not melted spots! That's the long way to say go extra paint! Agree with Mrs Smith re skirts and girls!

Michelle Jimmo said...

I use Lestoil on food and non food grease stains - it will remove new stains and old ones even after its gone thru the dryer. Just dad on the stain - both sides (or enough so it soaks through) and let it site for a bit then wash. I run it through the rinse cycle again as the smell is strong (lemony) but the stains are gone at least 90+% of the time. I got that tip from a friend who details cars and runs into LOTS of different kinds of stains. Sometimes its hard to find in the grocery store so I order it from Amazon Prime. You can use it for general cleaning too so its a win win.

craftrage said...

I'm voting to add more glitter! Crack your glitter glue open and pour a big glob out onto a paper plate, and restart the painting process!

Padme said...

(Bettys Kitchen link. Do a search for her baked bacon and scrambled eggs recipe. She shows you how to cook bacon in advance, keep it in the freezer and crisp it in the microwave. Most of her dishes can be frozen and reheated. She has downloadable recipes and You Tubes. I don't know Betty, but I love her YT's and I've cooked a fair number of her recipes. That might help with future bacon grease incidents. Cute outfits, and I love Jalie.