Saturday, November 29, 2014

Ottobre 01-2013 #25 Knit Dress 2.0


I made one of these dressed not too long ago. I made another one and changed it up a little bit. This version is a big hit too!


For this version, I folded out a half inch from the CF and CB of the bodice pieces. I left the skirt width the same and just did a few more gathers. I added about 1.5” to the sleeves to make them wrist length. I added a knit binding to the neck.


Let’s just say this was a challenging “photo shoot”. Someone was not cooperating all that much, but she’s cute. I used a merino wool knit for the bodice and arms and a quilting cotton for the skirt. Yes, I know none of it matches, but I kind of like it like that. I added embroidery to the front, which you can’t see. I also added “silk” flowers to the front and sewed them on to the neckline and the embroidery.


Yes, super helpful posing.


This is the “I’m not talking to you anymore” pose.


I did manage to get a couple decent shots, just not of the dress.


Everyone was super helpful tonight. Siggggghhhhh.

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Kristine Balinski said...

Love it. Yes, I remember those days. Now it's not the kids so much as the dog! Great dress, funny and helpful poses and all!!!