Saturday, June 25, 2016

Jalie 3462 - Cora Shorts

I already ran 10 miles this morning so this is the real-deal picture. No make-up and no primping for you people. I made another pair of these Cora shorts from Jalie. I love these shorts for running long distances.


Here’s what I love the most about this pattern. The GIANT pocket. I fit my iPhone 6 and two sets of keys in this pocket this morning. Nothing bounced, jiggled, or moved. The pocket is awesome.


Here the phone is in the pocket. You can see how it fits in there.


The solid is a wicking polyester from Heddy’s in Las Vegas. The water color print is a poly/spandex from Spandex House. It looks like clouds and the sky at sunset. It’s a fun print. It’s the first print on this search page.


I’ve made this pattern several times and I’ve always been very happy with it. The only modification I make is longer elastic because I don’t like tight things around my waist when I run.


I have a fun project coming up!! Stay tuned!

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