Sunday, May 21, 2017

Jalie 3350–Swimsuits

You are probably bored by the swimsuits by now. I make a lot of them. Little people keep growing. Darn the little people!!! This is two more versions of Jalie 3350 which is one of my favorite one-piece swimsuit patterns. j_3350_22j_3350_23


On the blue/orange version, I had a black accent piece cut out. But then I forgot to put it on the bodice when I sewed the top bodice to the bottom bosice. Oops. Dammit. I wasn’t going to go back and rip it out just to add it again.


These are size O. The girls have a bit of a swayback issue (what’s in the cat is in the kittens!) which I could easily fix (I’m just lazy). One thing I did that I think is clever (go me!) is that I took the too-long straps and sewed them to the CB seam allowance. My hope is that these will last long enough that I can add more length if I need to. Probably the material will die before then, but you never know!

Another Jalie winner. Hell, they are all winners!

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