Saturday, July 29, 2017

Birthday Gifts for Twinsies

So my twin Little People will have a birthday soon and, as per tradition, they each asked me to sew a special something for them. They both love jackets and so each went through my patterns and found something they thought they would like. One of them adores my floral bomber but wanted something a little more flashy. The other one wanted a tough moto-jacket.

For the bomber, I used my trusted Jalie 3675 Charlie jacket. For the moto-jacket, I used an Ottobre pattern from 2016 (it’s 04-2016 #29 in size 140).

Since The Cousin was in town, she got to try on the jackets and be the model for the day. The twinsies still haven’t seen these but I need to wrap them before they find them. The Cousin is about the same size as the twins so she’s the perfect model.

I used a lace overlay with no stretch and put it on top of a black wool. The back is just the black wool. I figured that it needed some stretch so I didn’t do the flashy red, lace, sequin fabric on the back.

I attached this red lace to the wool by topstitching the woven with red thread.

One thing I wanted to show people is how  made a zipper stop. When you use a metal zipper you can take off and reposition the metal stopper. When you use a plastic zipper, you can’t really move the stopper without breaking it off. So, instead, I used the skinny zigzag on my machine. I made it fit in the area between the zipper teeth and the edge of the fabric. Then I reversed once or twice to make a hump.

Next I made this Ottobre moto jacket. I really like how it turned out. It took me a LOT of time with the padded, quilted arm patches, shiny bling, topstitching, and the waistband. I used a sweatshirt fleece with zero stretch. It’s really cozy on the inside though.

So much topstitching on this. I used a light violet and did my triple stitch so it would really show up.

The inside of the elbow has a piece of Warm and Natural and another piece of the main fabric.

I used a sew-on snap on the collar.

I love how the inside is finished on this jacket. The deep hem is folded up and topstitched.

I really, really, really like how this jacket turned out. I’m really excited! I hope they love their jackets as much as I loved making them.

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