Monday, August 21, 2017

Fall Capsule Wardrobe

After my success with my last wardrobe, I decided to try out another one. I really wear a lot of items from my last wardrobe so it was well worth the time invested in it. Of the items I made, I never really wore the capri length Eleonore pants much, I think it was the color and the length. I also don't wear the blue cardigan much. I think the main issue is with the fabric. It is kind of flowy and slippery and seems to just float up and off my shoulders when I am walking. If I were a movie star or a model, it would be fantastic. Instead, it just makes me look like my clothes are sloppy and falling off as I walk down a hallway. I wear everything else pretty consistently and my favorites are the orange cardigan, the dark blue eleonores, and the orange/gray striped shirt. For this capsule wardrobe, I again used the system at Putting Me Together. Her "system" is 4 tops, 3 bottoms, and 3 "completer pieces" like cardigans, blazers, shawl, etc. I'm deviating slightly because one of my tops is actually going to be a long tunic/short dress.

Most of the patterns are Ottobre with a few Jalies in there. I love me some bomber jacket so I had to make another one.

Here are all the fabrics I plan to use. Well, except for the thin denim for the Ottobre dress. From left to right: Liverpool knit for the bomber jacket, a thicker wool knit for the loooong Ottobre cardigan, black Nike Dri-Fit for the leggings, a gray stretch wool, a red/purple knit for the Jalie Marie-Claude turtleneck, a zebra-ish knit for the Ottobre tunic, a black stretch denim, a crazy tribal-ish knit for the Ottobre turtleneck, and a thick gray sweatshirt fabric for the Jalie Helene cardigan. I'm wanting a warm, cozy wardrobe.  

Here's a close-up of the knit tops. I like the tops to be crazy and wild and the bottoms to be neutral. That way it's easier to mix things together. The two on the ends are from Girl Charlee and the middle one is from the National City Swap Meet.

These are the fabrics for the "completer pieces". They should be nice and warm. I'm all about cozy warm in the winter. 

And our beast is settling in well. Her favorite is warm laundry. If I were her, I'd do the same thing. 

Do you guys have fun fall sewing plans??

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