Sunday, January 7, 2018

Fabric Goodies - Don't Hate Me

So you guys all know that I buy a lot of fabric at the National City Swap Meet, right? Well, here's most of the haul for this vacation. Don't hate me. :) There is still one bag in our luggage somewhere. Each year, I find it interesting what is at the swap meet. It seems to follow the trends, which makes sense. Two years ago, it was mostly ITY in bright colors. Last year it was mostly Liverpool knits and doubleknit. This year? It was floral double brushed polyester. Floral, floral, and more floral. I don't hate floral, but I love geometric and abstract prints. Some of this floral was very large print too and it would be hard to work with and fabric placement would be a big issue for most of it. I didn't get much of the floral. The other thing that was everywhere was VELVET. Whoa. Velvet everywhere. I did get one piece of that. Each of these piles is between two and three yards. The most expensive fabric was $4/yard and most was $2/yard. Right? How could I not buy this much??!?!?

This is most of it. I took some close-up pictures with a few more details. Yikes!

These are all sweater knits. My favorite is the black with white diamonds. 

These are all DBP. See the rose floral? There were so many colorways of this. And this is the small scale print. The others had flowers the size of plates.

These are all active wear knits. The bottom five are swimwear knits. The top knits will become running tights, leotards, and other fun things. I scored and found a nice bottom-weight black, teal, and dark pink that will be great for running pants. Shhhhh, but there were only three dollars a yard.

This is the one piece of velvet that I bought. This is a stretch velvet in a salmon/rose color. I have no idea what this will be.

So, just WAIT for all the fun things I'm going to make. Sqqquuueeeeee!!!!!!!!

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