Monday, February 11, 2008

I love Jalie

Yikes, sorry about the pictures. Jeez. Weekend anyone?

Anyhoo, this is my newest Jalie top. I love that pattern company. They have great pants that fit, great tops, great jackets, great everything. And, each pattern had all sizes between toddler 2 and Women's size 22. So really, I am saving money, right???

This is the muslin for my SWAP top. I figured that the top would fit me out of the envelope, and it does, but I wanted to be sure and check first. I'm glad I made the muslin. The fit is great but my print for the SWAP shirt is crazy. I'll need to add something so you can see the crosses.

Can't even see the crosses, eh? Kind of cool effect but it was totally accidental. I rock. Not really.

Paper between the crosses so you can see them.

Here is my photoshopped color-blocked top. I kind of like it.

Here it is with virtual piping. I think it would look great in white.

My SWAP top is a crazy Gorgeous Fabrics knit. See this post for details.

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