Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Yikes. I'm $1.49 in the hole.

So, I budget $100 a month for sewing crap (more detail here). I HAD to buy these belt rings to finish this dress. I just HAD to finish the darn thing. So I got the rings home and they didn't fit. I ended up using these aluminum rings that I ALREADY HAD!!!! So my balance did not have to go negative. Oh well, only three more days before I get my allotted $100 for the month of March.

Still working away on SWAP. Current update:

  1. Jalie 2000 - Choice of Pants - Merlot stretch sateen
  2. Butterick 5147 - Pencil Skirt - Tweedy mystery wool found in stash
  3. Simplicity 4091 - Skirt with Flounce - Dark brown bamboo/cotton corduroy
  4. Butterick 5147 - A-line Skirt - Waiting for some wine-colored moleskin fabric from


  1. Jalie 2005 - Choice of t-shirts - I bought some bubble knit fabric from I bought it in a tan color. I'm not sure of the weight so I'll wait to see when it gets here.
  2. Jalie 2787 - Criss-cross tops - Get Ziggy With It from Gorgeous Fabrics
  3. Jalie 2793 - Tunic - Dark brown and tan
  4. Jalie 2322 - Button-down Blouse - Tan embroidered corduroy
    Jacket (waiting for the fitted top contest on
  5. Kwik Sew 3584 - Gathered cropped jacket - Dark brown bamboo/cotton corduroy

Purse? Not sure about this one yet. I am thinking of doing a wristlet/credit card pouch.

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