Thursday, February 11, 2010

KS 3760 - Alterations for the dress

After trying on the dress, I realized that it was just too wide in the bodice. I pinched out a half an inch at CF and a 1/4" on each side back piece. Here you can see the dress when I pinched out the excess. I pinched it out from the shoulder to the waistband.

Here you can see the adjustments for the back. I'm glad that I'm writing this post because I realized I did not alter the waistband piece. Thank goodness I haven't cut it yet. I added an inch to the waist in length. I often find that KS patterns are a little short in the waist for me. And then I usually do a petite adjustment and that makes it even shorter.

Here's the front alterations. I snipped a 1/2" off at CF. I did it on the neckband too but that's not shown. I cut off a little of the princess seams curves so it wasn't so pointy there.

I also altered the armhole facings.

Several of you asked about my petite adjustments with a sleeve. I use this Burda Workshop to petite my patterns. I only do one tuck between the shoulders and bust. I sometimes add back that 1/2" below the bust.

I plan to cut this out this weekend. I am going slow on this dress because I really want it to be a knock-out.


Anonymous said...

Just wondering; since you say you only pinched out 1/4" on the back, did you intend for the drawing to show a half inch removed?
PS- love your blog!!

Linda said...

I have never visited the service area of Burda. Thanks for linking to that area. Another thing I have found with KS patterns is that they run large in the upper chest area, and with other patterns I may use medium cutting lines with KS I normally use Small and sometimes XS. Believe me, I am much larger than you so I can understand how you may have to grade down considerably. Still I find I like most of their patterns.

Unknown said...

Your patience and attention to detail will pay off int he end, and I know this dress will be a knockout! Keep up the good work!

NuJoi said...

You'll have a perfect fit. Hope I get that good at alteations one day. My fabric arrrived yesterday. Love it!