Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Possible Coat Patterns

I looked through some of my back issues of BWOF and found these promising patterns.

BWOF 11-2008
This isn't exactly the same but I really like the lines of the coat. Probably not the best match with my plaid.

This is from 10-2009. I love it but want it to be more fitted. I may stick this hood on another pattern.

10-2008 This isn't like my inspiration coat but I think it would be fun with the wool.


09-2006 I like the big lapels.


08-2006 Double-Breasted Coat. There is no image on BWOF even though there is a link.

And thank you to Digs who put up a nice digital Burda archive!


Moby Wrap said...

that is some wonderful design for a stylish coat !

Cennetta said...

A lot of promising options.

San Antonio Sue said...

The first one! (11-2008). It's the best. 10-09 looke like it should be made in yellow slicker fabric and worn by a kid waiting for the school bus. The next two are too average, and look like you could buy it anywhere. 09-2009 has possibilities. I like the lines but maybe without the roses on the cuffs?

Mary Nanna said...

oooh I love them, plenty of options there! Speaking from experience sewing with plaid, - and you know this already I'm sure - but princess seams can only be matched at the bottom - so if having things match all the way is very important to you (you mentioned the sleeves on another pattern not matching and I was amazed - I had never even considered matching sleeves to the main body before!) then you might want to consider the options without front vertical seam lines.

Easier cutting too - otherwise there will be 8 seams to cut and sew perfectly matched through the body and shoulder (and sleeve too!) Fun it you get a kick out of figuring all that out, not so fun if you don't.

I'm sure you'll make something great, whatever you decide.

Myra said...

I like the 9/2009 with the toggles.

Anonymous said...

I think the first two options would chop up the plaid way too much. Option three has the curved yoke, immediately raising the question of whether this plaid fabric in that particular style would create a monster plaid clash or unfortunate visual dissonance around the curve. Options four and five look like they have good, clean lines and wouldn't chop up the plaid as much, although they would still present a nice challenge to match the plaid all the way around and to the sleeves. If you choose the large lapel version (Option 5), you might want to graft on the in-seam pockets from Option 4 so as not to create more visual distraction with the plaid pocketry on the front. Any extra detail can be added to the sleeve (sleeve cuff, button, etc.) as an alternative. Option 6 is, to me, also very appealing if you leave off the Michael Jackson-esque frippery and settle for a single sleek row of off-centered buttons down the front and none on the sleeves. And, bonus, no princess seam curves to distort the plaid at the top.

The real challenge, I think, is to avoid creating something that makes you go cross-eyed when you look at it. To me, the less the plaid is chopped up, the better. You might even want to consider other, plainer coat options that don't have any seams other than side and possibly CB. This is already a visually strong fabric that can speak for itself and doesn't need a lot of fancy seaming to pump it up, IMO.

Andrea said...

I love all of your choices, and can't wait to see which one you pick.

Digs said...

10-2008 would look great with the yoke on the bias; so would 9-2006, because of the big lapels, fun. I do agree with Anon about the first two options - they read like plain-fabric patterns to me. I've been eyeing 11-2008 in jacket length for myself - eventually.

Anonymous said...

I really love your blog, congratulations from spain