Saturday, April 9, 2011

BurdaStyle May 2011

There are several things that I like in this new May BurdaStyle. I really haven’t used my subscription much in the last year after all the fun stuff that’s been happening in my life. Now that I have a dedicated sewing space again and things are starting to calm down, I feel my mojo coming back. Here are my top picks. Remember I live in Alaska but I’m always drawn to the sleeveless styles. What’s with that??

Love this in the dress version. Online, they show it in a fuchsia pink and I actually, *cough, cough* like it. I know! It’s kind of bright and hideous but I like that it’s bright like that. We’ve been having warm, balmy, melty weather for the past two weeks but the last two days have been below freezing again with inches of snow accumulation. Blech. I’m ready for some bright and hideous!

I like this one too. It’s a tall pattern but I could cut it down easily enough if I wanted. I’m not sure where I would ever wear it. But, I do like it.

This is a petite dress (perfect!) and I really like the seaming on it. I love boat necks like that and it would be perfect for color blocking. Can you see black wool crepe in the middle and a dark eggplant on the side panels?

I always like a pair of shirt shorts. These are cute. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this same pattern in Burda about five times now in the last year or so but I still like them.

I like this jacket although I will never make it. I’m not really a jacket kind of girl. bwof_may_6

For this, I will not even post anything. I will just leave you with this picture as the reason I would never wear something like this.
bwof_may_4   bwof_may_7


Rachelle said...

I know precisely why you'd be drawn to sleeveless garments even though you live in a cold climate! Pashminas, wraps, half-cardi's - having to cover up to keep the cold out gives you endless opportunities to accessorize!

Or at least, that's how it works for me!

marysews said...

About that last pattern / picture combo: I agree!

Hey, it only went up to 85 here today ...

cidell said...

LOL. The last pattern / photo is classic.

BR/L said...

Glad your mojo is back :D I like the colour block idea. Would make a nice work dress. It's good to make time for stuff your passionate about when life hands you lemons. Enjoy the lemonade. p.s. the batwing dress are for those of us who don't have your smoking figure lol.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Absolutely awesome.

NuJoi said...

Now I have to go look at the model in the bat wing top to see if it's as bad as the drawing.