Friday, April 22, 2011

Stretch Denim

Did you guys see that just got in some nice stretch denim? I like that it’s beefy like 9-11 oz. and has about 2% lycra. Perfect for Jalie jeans!! I would certainly get swatches for the ones you are interested in. It’s so hard to buy online without touching it!!!!! Good stretch denim is really hard to find so I snap it up when I find it. I love my Jalie jeans. I wear them all the time. I’ve lost quite a bit of weight in the last year so several pairs are way too big now. I may have to sample some of this denim myself. :)

Metropolis 10 oz. Stretch Denim Blue Boy Metropolis 10 oz. Stretch  Denim Light Blue 
Premium Italian Stretch Denim Dark Blue Metropolis 12 oz. Stretch Denim San Francisco Blue

In other exciting news:
I have a guest blogger coming who is going to enlighten us about kuspuks. She’s a native Alaskan, a kuspuk wearer, and awesome. I’ll email people this weekend and get addresses for the other patterns.

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Sandy Huntress said...

Stretch denim is the BEST. You get the cool look of denim with a little bit of forgiveness. :-)

I just picked up some in black to make a jeans jacket. Not brave enough to make myself jeans pants, yet.