Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I need these.

These are Merino Wool Jersey’s from Wow. I bought a swatch a while ago of the Passion Pink and it’s really nice. Like, really. Really. Nice. I also have a 10% discount that they sent via my email. The coupon code is KNITS111. I’m not sure if they don’t think I’m buying enough or what.


Merino Wool Jersey Knit Cognac 

Merino Wool Jersey Knit Ivy 

Merino Wool Jersey Knit Iguana

Passion Pink
Merino Wool Jersey Knit Passion Pink

I may wait until they go on sale a bit more. Even with 10% off they are spendy ($19.98/yard!!) for a cheap frugal person like me.


Rachel said...

I had wondered if those were quality wool knits. It is good to hear that they are.

Virginia at A Sewing Life said...

I got the iguana and the lighter gray. Very happy with them. Nice quality and I'm hopeful they will resist pilling. Haven't made them up yet--trying to decide on the best use for them!!! I got them with some sale combo back in the summer for around $13/yard. But I think they're definitely worth the full price.

Jane M said...

I bought the iguana earlier this summer and am thrilled with it. I've already washed it and now have to decide what it will become this autumn.

Tamara said...

I have made three long sleeved tops for my husband from this material and it was the most delicious fabric to sew EVER. He's worn them many times and no sign of pilling yet. They get chucked in the washing machine/dryer and no shrinkage. Perfect!! If I could afford more I wouldn't hesitate.

Eme said...

Wow - you read my mind, Dawn! I was just looking for wool jersey. Thanks for the discount code. If you bought some, what would you make it up into?

Michelle said...

I'm so glad you mentioned the wool jersey from I bought some a couple of weeks back from denver and it was super thin weight. Not at all what I wanted. I could easily see through it draped over my hand. I was really dissapointed as I wanted to use it for Fall skirts. I sent it back. Is there any advice you can give on how to choose or know the weight of the jersey when shopping online? Other than ordering a swatch? Do you have any favorite sites when it comes to shopping for wool jersey?