Sunday, August 7, 2011

Double Duvets–Pink and Black Edition

I’ve actually been sewing! My last blog post was the pink and black cabinets I recently refinished for my girls’ room. They had comforters but they were reversible blue-tan ones. I bought four twin flat sheets from Target and sewed them together to make two duvets. I finished them off with black buttons to go along with the color scheme. I made a 10” overlap on the top so the buttons weren’t right in their faces. Can you believe how much duvets are? Even with bargain shopping, they are $30 and up. These ones, made from sheets, are about $14.


Here are the new duvets on the bunk beds. You can see that I still haven’t put on the knobs for the nightstand. It’s been so rainy I haven’t been able to paint anything.


I used my Greist buttonholer. Love that thing.



It makes beautiful buttonholes.


A picture from the park the other day. Aren’t they getting big?



Next up? I’ve been working on a dress. Yes, really, a dress.


marysews said...

Way to Go on the duvets! the kids are cute, but what kind of dog is in the picture?

Marie said...

Mommas dimples got passed along to those two little cuties didn't they?

Rachelle said...

Love the duvet covers. The girls have grown so much, I bet all the kids love the dog :-) love the pic of the buttonholes, I want a Greist buttonholer. They do make such perfect buttonholes.

BeccaA said...

Wow! The girls got so big! They are lovely, and they look so happy with their dog. The duvets are a great addition to their room, and go so well with the black and pink dresser you painted.

Amy Bailes said...

Nice duvets - I'm with you - how can they charge that much for them???

Your girls are getting big! And independent too, from the looks of their shoes! ;)

Dana said...

Very cute - the project and, of course, the girls!

Jane M said...

You're inspiring me to pull out my buttonholer and give it a whirl. The duvets will looks wonderful in their room; almost as cute as those girls.

iacowgirl said...

Nice duvet covers!! Is there anything you cannot sew??? Do you make your own TP?? (that was a complimentary joke...)

Your girls are beautiful and "growing like weeds" as my mamma used to say.

Tasha said...

you're dog looks just like mine!

so adorable with your kids :)

Tanell Moore said...

i just love that her shoes are on the wrong feet. such darling gems.