Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Giving my kids the addiction . . .



My girls recently got this sewing machine. We’ve already made a Barbie blanket and a little purse. What intrigues me is that it’s a chainstitch machine. There’s no bobbin (awesome) but the stitches unravel like a bitch (not awesome). It also includes little decorative snaps that we used on the purse and Hello Kitty patches we’ve put on the blanket. I did have a hard time adjusting the tension but I didn’t really try too hard either. We mostly focused on keeping fingers out of the way of the needle (who needs that little protective needle cover?) and not being afraid of the noise of the machine. It’s not loud, mind you, but little people are scary that they will be sucked into the machine.

Very. Fun. We’ll be doing a lot more of this. Maybe I can even get you some action shots. Little Girl #2 was very proud of the things she made.


CJ said...

That is definitely cute! I bet it is fun seeing the little ones working on the sewing machine. Before you know it, they'll be asking for a real sewing machine that does more than one stitch. Ha!

Jane M said...

This is so precious. I have a little one in my life would might enjoy learning to sew this way. Enjoy!

Lilian said...

Ahhh,sweet! It's never too early to start this addiction.
This brings back memories. I had something like that when I was a little girl (not as fancy, but it made stitches, which unraveled a lot too by the way!).
I still remember how mesmerized I was when this little machine stitched automatically. I don't think I ever completed anything on it as the unraveling of the stitches was really bad, but I still remember that feeling very well.
Nice memories.
Thanks for bringing them back by posting this.

Clio said...

What beautiful gift to share with your girls and inspire their creativity!

Anonymous said...

this is the modern incarnation of the little Singer chain stitch machine I learned to sew on - the same machine my Mom learned to sew on. I made lots Barbie clothes using Mom's scraps. Wish I could remember what we did to stop the seams from unraveling. I hope you all have the greatest time with it.

Lois K