Thursday, October 27, 2011

Minky Sale at (damn them!)

Yea . . . um . . . it’s been chilly which made me look for fabric and I had to . . . um . . . buy some. Of course. As if I could look at and not buy. So, ya’ll know that my living situation changed a while back. I now have my Boy Toy living with me and he comes with another kid-let so now that’s four. I recently bought a five bedroom house but you guys know I’m a selfish woman and have my own sewing room. So, the twinlets share a room and the “new” kid-let sleeps in her own room. It works out well because the Twin Things are now separated at school and like to be together at night. The New Chitlin is two so she wakes up at night sometimes and needs her space for time-outs and such. Anyway, where am I going with all this? Oh, yea, blankets. Twin Things have a predominantly hot pink room with lime green accents so I thought these two fabrics would make fantastic little blankets. I’ll make the other side a pink fleece. 
Kaufman Minky Cuddle Ribbon Party Kiwi/BrownKaufman Minky Cuddle Block Party Kiwi/Brown


Cussing Boy (example 1 and example 2) has a black and red room so I thought this would be a good choice for him.
Minky Cuddle Candy Cane Black/Red


Little Two Year Old has a pink and black room so this should work with just about everything. I love these little owls. Are they cute or what?
Kaufman Minky Cuddle Night Owl Carnival



FYI: If you’re a long-time reader you already know that is a sponsor and I get kickbacks from website if you purchase through my blog. I just hate to not tell people that and I’ve had a lot of people join my blog recently.


angie.a said...

I LOVE the owls! Email me...I crashed my mac and don't have anyone's email anymore. :D I've missed you!!

Cherrypix said...

I've read your cussing posts several times before but I, yet again, burst out laughing so loud I woke both the cats and snorted my coffee. Not a good look but, oh man, very therapeutic. Thank you!

PS. those blankies will be lovely

marysews said...

Oh, that's right -- you're an Enabler!!

Geoknitter said...

Love the owls. And Enabling people to find them is gooood....

Kelley said...

How often does the minky go on sale at I just missed it by a few days and I was wondering how long I haver to wait to order more!! Thanks in advance :)